01/18/2021: Azat was sentenced to six years in prison.

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In February of 2019, a Moscow State University mathematics PhD student Azat Miftakhov was arrested for manufacturing explosives. Later these charges were dropped. As soon as he was released, he was detained for another unrelated crime: breaking a window of the office of United Russia, the ruling political party in the Russian Federation. We, along with the international civil rights society Memorial, consider Azat to be a political prisoner, unfairly framed due to his anarchist views. The court has extended his pre-trial period multiple times — for a year and a half in total — without providing reason. Law enforcement officials have tortured him, restricted his access to scientific literature, and threatened his relatives’ personal safety.

Azat is a dedicated mathematician who published two mathematical papers while being in the detention center. Statements in support of Azat were released by the Société Mathématique de France and by the American Mathematical Society in which mathematicians demanded a fair and transparent trial for Azat. His detainment totally undermines all of the major investments that the Russian government has recently made to be an international center of mathematical research.

On July 8, Azat finally went on trial. The verdict will likely come in a short time; it is very likely that he will be sentenced for a crime without any proper evidence of him committing it.

As representatives of the academic community, we demand the release of Azat Miftakhov. Detaining and torturing someone for more than a year and a half for breaking a window is unjust, cruel, and inhumane.

On December 23, 2020, Unione matematica italian released the Statement of Concern.

On December 30, 2020, Brazilian Mathematical Society released Manifestação a favor de Azat Miftakhov

On January 4, 2021, A Letter to the International Congress of Mathematicians on the Azat Miftakhov Case was published.

On January 18, 2021, Azat was sentenced to six years in prison.


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Terence Tao UCLA Professor
Claire Voisin CNRS Senior researcher
Edward Witten IAS Professor
Peter Scholze Universität Bonn; Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik Professor
Efim Zelmanov University of California - San Diego Professor
Michael Harris Columbia University Professor
Anatoly Vershik St.Petersburg branch of Mathematical Institute RASc PR. Member of Academiae Europaeae
Michael Finkelberg Higher School of Economics, Department of Mathematics Full Professor, Ph.D.
Pavel Etingof MIT, Department of mathematics Professor
Roman Bezrukavnikov Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor
Bjorn Poonen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Distinguished Professor in Science
Peter Shor Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD
Victor Kac MIT Professor
Alexander Kuznetsov Steklov Institute Doctor of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the RAS, Principal Researcher
Alexander Belavin Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics Corresponding member of the RAS, Doctor of Sciences
Fabien Durand Université de Picardie Jules Verne Full professor
Sergei V. Konyagin Steklov Institute principal scientific researcher
Efim Khazanov Institute of Applied Physics of the RAS Member of the RAS
Pascal Hubert Aix-Marseille University Professor
Richard Stanley M.I.T., Dept. of Mathematics Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Andrei Teleman Aix-Marseille Université professor
Larry Guth MIT Professor
Mikhail Belolipetsky IMPA Professor
Basil Lourié Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of the RAS leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy
Alexandr Anikin RAS, Siberian Branch Member of the RAS
Dmitry Kaledin Steklov Institute leading researcher, Doctor of Sciences, Professor of the RAS
Alexey Savvateev Adyghe State University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Doctor of Sciences
Alexander Rusakov Institute for Linguistic Studies principal researcher, doctor of sciences in philology
Elizaveta A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya Lomonosov State University, Moscow Head of the Department
Misha Verbitsky IMPA - Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada Pesquisador Tutilar (full professor)
Vadim Vologodsky HSE Professor, Ph.D.
Mohammed Moussaoui Avignon’s University - France director of the mathematics department
Bernhard Keller Université de Paris, UFR de mathématiques Professor
Dick de Jongh Universiteit van Amsterdam professor emeritus
peter sarnak Princeton professor
Rela Mazali Independent scholar
Ivar Ekeland Université Paris-Dauphine Professor em.
Yan Fyodorov Kings College London professor
Nicola Arcozzi University of Bologna, Dept. of Math. Full Professor
Wilfrid Gangbo UCLA Professor
Octav Cornea University of Montreal Professor
Amol Aggarwal Columbia University Assistant Professor
Assaf Kfoury Boston University Professor
Ahmed Abbes CNRS & IHES Directeur de recherche
Sergei Nechaev Physical Institute of the RAS Doctor of Sciences, Leading Researcher
Evgeny Strahov Hebrew University, Jerusalem Professor
Masha Vlasenko Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences professor
Boris Khoruzhenko Queen Mary University of London Professor
Leonid Petrov University of Virginia Professor
Alexander SHEN LIRMM, University of Montpellier DR2
Michel Broué Université de Paris Emeritus Professor
Yuliy Baryshnikov UIUC Professor
Sergey Khoroshkin ITEP Doctor of Sciences
Rodolfo ROSALES MIT, Department of Mathematics Professor
Alexander Guterman Lomonosov Moscow State University Professor
Zhiwei Yun MIT Professor
Daniel W. Stroock MIT Professor emeritus
David P. Sanders Physics Department, National University of Mexico Full professor
Mikhail Mikhailovich Glazov Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute Leading Researcher/Doctor of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the RAS
Andrey Kalinichev Institut Mines-Telecom Atlantique, SUBATECH Directeur de Recherche
Ko Honda UCLA Professor
Mikhail Sodin Tel Aviv University Professor
David Vogan MIT, Department of Mathematics Norbert Wiener Professor emeritus
Ekaterina Amerik HSE University and Université Paris-Saclay Professor/Doctor of Sciences
Joan Birman Barnard College Professor Emeritus
Mikhail Feigelman Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics Doctor of Sciences
Alexander I. Efimov Steklov Institute Senior Researcher, Candidate of Sciences
Marat Rovinsky HSE, department of mathematics Doctor of Sciences
Aleksandr Leonidovich Smirnov St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute Leading Researcher, Doctor of Sciences
Alexey Glutsyuk HSE University, department of mathematics professor
Alexander Sodin Queen Mary University of London Professor
Maxim Kazarian HSE University Department of Mathematics professor
Marc-Hubert Nicole AMU professor
François Loeser Sorbonne University Professor
Denys Pommeret Aix Marseille University Professor
Vladimir Stukopin Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Professor/Doctor of Sciences
Igor Krasovsky Imperial College London PhD
SERGE VLEDUTS Aix-Marseille université, dép. Math. Professor
Olivier Ramare CNRS / Univ Aix-Marseille Research Director
Laurent Regnier Université d'Aix-Marseille Professor
Vladmir Protasov Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University Professor
Olivier Guès Aix-Marseille University Professor
Pierre Arnoux Département de Mathématiques, Université d'Aix-Marseille Professor
Alexandre Eremenko Purdue University Distinguished Professor
Roman Karasev Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Professor
Peter Arkadiev Institute for Slavic Studies Doctor of Sciences in philology
Yulij Ilyashenko HSE University math department Professor
Leonid Prigozhin Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Professor
Yves Dermenjian Université d'Aix-Marseille Professeur émérite
Iskender Yasaveev Centre for Youth Studies, Higher School of Economics at St. Petersburg senior researcher, Doctor of Sciences in sociology
Vladimir Gubanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics senior researcher
Karl Oeljeklaus Aix-Marseille Université, France Professor
Aleksandra Panyutina RAS Doctor of Sciences
Richard Melrose Deaprtment of Mathematics, MIT zProfessor
Enrique Andjel Aix-Marseille Universite Emeritus Professor
François Zara Université de Picardie Jules verne Emeritus professor
Serge Bouc CNRS-Université de Picardie Directeur de Recherche
Anne PICHON Aix Marseille University Professor
Sergey Melikhov Steklov Institute PhD, Senior Researcher
Bernard Delyon Université Rennes1 Professor
Javier Fresán École polytechnique Professor
Olivier Goubet Université de Lille Professeur
digne université de picardie Emeritus professor
Michel Gros Université de Rennes I Researcher
Etienne Pardoux Aix Marseille Universite Professeur emerite
Loïc Merel Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche, Université de Paris Professor
Michel Pocchiola Sorbonne Université Professor
Dimitri Markushevich University of Lille Professor
Catherine Goldstein CNRS, Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Gauche Directrice de recherche
Edward A. Hirsch St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute Doctor of Sciences
Daniel Juteau CNRS / Université de Paris Chargé de recherche
Philip Gasper Notre Dame de Namur University, USA Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
Alexander Kulikov St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute senior researcher, doctor of sciences
Benoît Claudon Université de Rennes 1 Full Professor
Pierre Colmez CNRS, Sorbonne Université Directeur de Recherche, Member Academia Europaea
Nicolas Jacon Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Reims Professeur
Julien Barré Université d'Orléans, France Professor
Marie-Claude ARNAUD Université de Paris Professor
Emmanuel Letellier University of Paris Professor
Fabrice Baudoin University of Connecticut Professor
Giovanni Peccati Luxembourg University Head of the Department of Mathematics
Yvik Swan ULB Professor
Dennis Gaitsgory Harvard University Professor
Charles Suquet Université de Lille, France Professeur émérite
Françoise DELON CNRS Directrice de recherche émérite
Michel Waldschmidt Sorbonne Université Emeritus Professor
Lesigne Emmanuel Université de Tours, France Professeur émérite
Serge E Troubetzkoy Aix-Marseille University Professor
Oleg Lepski Aix-Marseille Université Professor
Hindry Marc Mathematics department Paris University Professor
Timofey Chernov V.V.Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute senior researcher
Schwer Sorbonne Paris Nord University Professor
Isabelle Gallagher École Normale Supérieure de Paris and Université de Paris Professor
Andrei Iordan Sorbonne Université, IMJ-PRG Emeritus
Marc Chaperon IMJ-PRG, University of Paris Professor emeritus
Hermine Biermé Université de Poitiers Professor
Pierre Torasso Université de Poitiers Professeur émérite
Michel Emsalem Université de Lille Professeur émérite
‪Andrei Agrachev‬ Doctor of Sciences
Daria Lytkina Sobolev Institute of Mathematics Doctor of Sciences, Professor
Laila Soueif Cairo University, Faculty of Science, department of mathematics Assistant professor (emeritus)
Vladimir Potapov Sobolev Institute, senior researcher, candidate of sciences
Alexander B Goncharov Yale University Professor
Juan Diego Sánchez Torres ITESO Professor / Doctor of Sciences
Victor A. Vassiliev Steklov Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Professor, Doctor of Sci. (math)
Sergei Guriev Sciences Po, Pari Professor of Economics, Member of Academia Europaea
‪Andrey Mikhailovich Pupasov-Maksimov‬ Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora professor
Dmitri Piontkovski HSE University Professor
Davit Gabelaia Free University of Tbilisi Associate Professor
Lev Beklemishev Steklov Institute
Hélène Esnault Freie Universität Berlin Professor
Konstantin Sonin University of Chicago Professor
Oleg Anshakov Russian State University for Humanities, department of intellectual systems doctor of sciences, professor
Paul Garrett Mathematics, U of Minnesota Professor
Michael Rosenblum University of Potsdam, Germany Professor
Joshua Holden Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematics Professor
Jordan Ellenberg University of Wisconsin-Madison professor
Rafael Espinola Universidad de Sevilla Professor
Баранов Антон Дмитриевич Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет профессор, доктор физ.-мат. наук, профессор РАН
Noga Alon Princeton University Professor
Lorenzo Ramero Université de Lille Professor
Giovanna Citti Università di Bologna Professor
Alexander Borichev AMU Professor
Kristian Bjerkloev KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dept. of Mathematics. Professor
Lifshits Mikhail Professor
Иосиф Красильщик ИПУ РАН д.ф.-м.н., гл.н.с., профессор
Amir Shpilka Tel Aviv University Professor
Dana Ron Tel Aviv University Professor
roy wagner ETH Zurich Professor
Yuri Tomilov IM PAN professor
Marcelo Viana IMPA, Rio de Janeiro Professor, Director
Victor Gerasimov Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil Professor Titular
Michael Hitrik UCLA Professor
Jerome Bourdon Professor
Raphael Rouquier UCLA Professor
Davi Lima Universidade Federal de Alagoas Professor
Cristina Lizana UFBA Professor
Oleg Melnik Moscow State University Professor
Viviane Baladi CNRS, LPSM, Paris Directeur de recherche
Chris Wendl Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin professor
Maciej Malicki Polish Academy of Sciences Professor
Adam Skalski IMPAN Professor
Zofia Admowicz Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences professor
Janusz Grabowski Polish Academy of Sciences Professor
Jean-Michel Bony Académie des sciences (France) Professor emeritus
emmanuel farjoun Hebrew Univ professor
Tomasz Rychlik Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences professor
Antoine Chambert-Loir Université de Paris Professor
Alejandro Adem University of British Columbia Professor
Henri Darmon McGill University Distinguished James McGill Professor
Daniel Bump Stanford University Professor
John C. Baez U. C. Riverside, Department of Mathematics Professor
Roberto Oliveira IMPA, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Professor
Shankar Venkataramani University of Arizona Professor
Christopher Moseley Calvin University Department of Mathematics and Statistics Professor / Ph.D.
Felipe Pait Univ. de S Paulo, Brazil (Engineering) professor
Csaba Szepesvari University of Alberta Professor
Ricardo Pérez-Marco CNRS Directeur de Recherches
Bruno Vallette University Sorbonne Paris North Professor
Sylvie Benzoni Univ Lyon Professor
Bill Spence Queen Mary University if London Professor
Piotr Śniady Insititute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences professor
Thomas Duyckaerts Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Full Professor
Vincent Lafforgue CNRS Directeur de recherche
Jaroslaw Wisniewski Warsaw University Professor
Damian Niwinski University of Warsaw Professor
Krzysztof Diks University of Warsaw professor
Krzysztof Oleszkiewicz University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Professor
Stanisław Betley University of Warsaw profesor
Maciej Lewenstein ICFO -Institute of Phoitonic Sciences and ICREA Professor
Jozef Chaber University of Warsaw professor, em.
Mogens Fosgerau Uni of Copenhagen, Economics professor
Miniatura Christian CNRS Research Director DR1
Piotr Rybka the University of Warsaw full professor
Paolo Piccione Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática President
Paulo varandas UFBA Professor
Maria Aparecida Soares Ruas Universidade de São Paulo Professor Emeritus
Anand Pillay University of Notre Dame Professor
Bernardo N B de Lima Federal University of Minas Gerais-UFMG Professor
Ademir Pazoto Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/Department of Mathematics Full professor/PhD
Marcos dajczer Impa Full professor
Maria Aparecida Soares Ruas Dep. Matemática, ICMC, Universidade de São Paulo Professor Emeritus
MR A O MORRIS Emeritus Professor BSc, PhD,FLSW
Andre de Carvalho Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil Professor
Vyacheslav Futorny USP Professor
Alejandro C. Frery School of Mathematics and Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington Professor of Statistics and Data Science
Gleb Polevoy University of Paderborn W1 Professor/doctor
Barbara Fantechi Mathematics Area, Sissa, Trieste Professor
Mario Jorge Dias Carneiro UFMG-Brazil Emeritus Professor
Bruno Mendonça Rey dos Santos Professor/Doctor
Piotr Mormul University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland university professor
Viktor Bekkert Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Professor
Carlos Tomei PUC-Rio Professor
Francesca Vidotto Department of Applied Mathematics, Western University, Canada Professor
Paulo Domingos Cordaro University of São Paulo Professor of Mathematics
Henryk Zoladek University of Warsaw professor
Pierre-Yves Gaillard Université de Lorraine, France Emeritus Professor
José Antonio M. Vilhena UFPA - Faculdade de Matemática. Professor
Heleno Cunha Departamento de Matemática - UFMG Professor
Jan Wehr Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona Professor
Flávia Morgana Jacinto DM-UFAM Professor
Eduardo de Sequeira Esteves IMPA, Rio de Janeiro Senior researcher
Artem Dudko Institute of Mathematics PAN, Warsaw Professor
Yves Lequain IMPA Retired Professor
Edgard Pimentel PUC-Rio Professor
Valerie POZNER CNRS (Thalim) Directrice de recherche
Rafał Latała University of Warsaw professor
Marcelo Terra Cunha Unicamp - Brazil Professor
Andrzej Blikle Academia Europaea and Polish Academy of Sciences professor
Marcelo Martins dos Santos Unicamp - State University of Campinas, Brazil. Professor
Wojciech Niemiro University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Professor
Seme Gebara neto UFMG BR professor
JOÃO XAVIER DA CRUZ NETO Universidade Federal do Piauí Full Professor
Tom Leinster School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh Professor
Catherine Greenhill UNSW Sydney Professor
Carlos Antonio de Moura UERJ Visiting Professor (Retired Full Professor)
Mario Roldan Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina Professor
Chris Rogers University of Nevada, Reno; Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Professor
Stefan Forcey Mathematics, U. Akron Professor
Stephane Mallat Collège de France Professor
Raienr Nagel University Tübingen professor
israel vainsencher ufmg professor/PhD MIT'76
Pablo D. Carrasco UFMG Professor
Damien Gayet Université Grenoble Alpes Professor
Damien Gayet Université Grenoble Alpes Professor
Hervé Pajot Uninersité Grenoble Alpes Professor
Erwan Lanneau Université Grenoble Alpes Professor
Ulrich Groh University of Tuebingen Professor
Jean-Pierre Demailly Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes Professor
Francis Lazarus CNRS / Grenoble, France Directeur de recherche (Computer science)
Jussara Araújo Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Professor
Geraldo Lucio Diniz Federal University at Mato Grosso Professor
Michel Brion Institut Fourier, Université de Grenoble Senior researcher
Emmanuel Russ University Grenoble Alpes Professor
Marcin Kubica Univeristy of Warsaw senior lecturer
Terry Song
Francois Dahmani Université Grenoble Alpes Professor
Ilya Kapovich Hunter College, Department of Mathematics and Statistics Professor
Leonid Makar-Limanov Wayne State University Professor
Victor Ostrik University of Oregon, mathematics professor
Matias Luis del Hoyo Universidade Federal Fluminense Professor
Shabnam Akhtari University of Oregon Professor
Thierry Gallay Université Grenoble Alpes, France Professor
Witold Marciszewski University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Professor
Taras Banakh Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Professor
Arnaud Beauville Université Côte d'Azur Professeur émérite
Gonzalo Panizo García IMCA - Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru) Docente/Doctor
Apostolos Beligiannis University of Ioannina Professor
Dmitrii V. Pasechnik Computer Science, University of Oxford Dr.
Vladimir Rubtsov Université d'Angers/ITEP professor, senior researcher
Arkady Berenstein University of Oregon Professor
vigneras University of Paris Professor emeritus
Olivier Brinon Université de Bordeaux Professor
Eric Urban Columbia University Professor
Malek Jacques TILOUINE Université Paris 13 Professor
William Messing Professor, School of Mathematics University of Minnesota Emeritus Professor
David Hansen Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Research Group Leader
Pierre Pansu Université Paris-Saclay Professor
Patrick Azaria CNRS, Sorbonne University Directeur de recherche
Michael Gekhtman University of Notre Dame Professor
Colette Camelin Université de Poitiers Professeur émérite
Alejandro Aceves Southern Methodist University Professor
Robert Carlson University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Professor Emeritus
Severino Collier Coutinho Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Professor
Carlos Henrique Costa Moreira Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Professor
Milan Kaszer Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers Professor
Damien Gaboriau CNRS Directeur de recherche
Дмитрий Владимирович Грибанов HSE Campus in Nizhny Novgorod, Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Associate Professor
Hans-Werner Henn Université de Strasbourg Professor
Frédéric Chapoton CNRS et Université de Strasbourg Research Director
Andrei A Agrachev SISSA Professor
Benjamin Enriquez Université de Strasbourg Professor
Michel Henry Université de Franche-Comté, France Professeur agrégé
Jorge Picado University of Coimbra, Portugal Full Professor
Victor Pambuccian Arizona State University Professor
Michael T Jury University of Florida Professor
Pierre Audin Prof agrégé de maths retraité
Tom Braden Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMass Amherst Professor
Christian Kassel Université de Strasbourg Directeur de recherche émérite du CNRS
Siqi Fu Mathematics, Rutgers University-Camden Professor
Doug Ward Miami University-Oxford Professor
Christian Haesemeyer School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne Professor
Niels Jacob Swansea University, U.K. Emeritus Professor
Max Horn TU Kaiserslautern Professor
Vladimir Fock Université de Strasbourg Professor
Susanna Terracini University of Turin Full professor
Barry C Mazur Harvard University Professor
Barry C Mazur Harvard University Professor
Alfonso Sorrentino University of Rome Tor Vergata Professor
Alexander Mielke Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics Professor
Yi Ni Department of Mathematics, California Institute of Technology Professor of Mathematics
Alexander Yong University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor
Jacek Miękisz University of Warsaw profesor
Riccardo Salvati Manni Dipartimento di Matematica, Università La Sapienza Roma i Full Professor/Ph. D.
Marcello Ponsiglione Sapienza University of Rome, Dip. Matematica Full Professor
Maria Vittoria Marchi Dipartimento di matematica G. Castelnuovo-- Università di Roma la Sapienza Retired
Rita Procesi Dipartimento di Matematica Professore Associato in pensione
Fabiana Leoni Sapienza Università di Roma Associate Professor
Graziano Crasta Department of Mathematics, Sapienza University of Rome Professor
Annalisa Cusi Sapienza University of Rome Associate professor
Paolo Emilio Ricci UniNettuno Telematic University Professor
Dario Benedetto Dipartimento di Matemetica - Sapienza Universita' di Roma Associated professor
Marco Lenci University of Bologna Professor
Marta Menghini Sapienza, Università di roma Associate professor
Claudio Bernardi Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy) Professor (retired)
Michele Emmer Universita sapienza Roma Math Dept retired
Marco Isopi Sapienza Università di Roma professor
Lucilla Cannizzaro mathematical department associated professor, retaired
Dariusz Stolicki Jagiellonian University, Center for Quantitative Research in Political Science Associate Professor
Kamil Kaleta Wroclaw Unversity of Science and Technology Associate Professor
Jerzy Jaworski Adam Mickiewicz University Professor
Tomasz Downarowicz Politechnika Wrocławska professor
Wojciech Domitrz Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science Associate Professor/PhD DSc
Wojciech Kryszewski TU Lodz, PL professor
Agnieszka Gil Siedlce University Prof.
Michal Ziembowski Technical University of Warsaw Profesor
Jacek Koronacki Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences Professor Emeritus
Andrzej Szczepański Institute of Mathematics, University of Gdańsk, Poland professor
Witold Jarczyk University of Zielona Góra, Institute of Mathematics professor
Andrzej Zielinski retired doctor
Aleksy Tralle University of Warmia and Mazury Professor of Mathematics
Krzysztof Dębicki University of Wroclaw Professor
Jozef H. Przytycki George Washington University Professor
Stanisław Kasjan Nicolaus Copernicus University professor
Zbigniew Semadeni University of Warsaw Professor Emeritus
Paweł Karczmarek Lublin University of Technology Professor
Tomasz Brzezinski Swansea University Professor
Marek Capinski AGH Professor
Paweł Krupski Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Professor
Dryja, Maksymilian Warsaw University, Dept. of Mathematics Proffesor Emerytus
Henryk Torunczyk Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences Professor
Clifford Taubes Harvard University Professor of Mathematics
Roman Ger Institute of Mathematics, Silesian University, Katowice, Poland Full Professor
Andrzej Cegielski University of Zielona Góra Professor
Urszula Bentkowska University of Rzeszow associate professor
Paweł Strzelecki University of Warsaw Profesor
Maciej Radziejewski Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań University professor
Andrzej Tyc Dept. of Mathematcs and Informatics, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń Professsor (in retirement)
Zbigniew Bartosiewicz Bialystok University of Technology professor
Philippe Gimenez University of Valladolid, Spain Professor
Laurent Moret-Bailly Dept of Mathematics, University Rennes 1, France Professor Emeritus
Gabriella Puppo Università di Roma, La Sapienza full professor in mathematics
Andrzej Rucinski Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland Full Professor
Stanisław Walczak WMiI profesor
Bogumila Klemp-Dyczek NCU retired senior lecturer
Łukasz Balbus University of Zielona Gora Doctor of Sciences, Professor UZ
Leokadia Bialas-Ciez Jagiellonian University, Polish Mathematical Society prof., member of PMS Council
Piotr Chrusciel University of Vienna Professor
Radosław Kala Poznań University of Life Sciences. Poland Professor
Georgy Omelyanov Universidad de Sonora, Mexico Professor
Mahan Mj Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Professor
Анатолий МГУ профессор
Iskander Diyashev Texas A&M University Professor of Practice
Александр Венгер Университет "Дубна" профессор
Алексеевский Дмитрий Владимирович ИППИ РАН доктор физ-мат наук
Jan Stochel full professor
Xavier Ros-Oton Universitat de Barcelona ICREA Research Professor
Tomasz Rybicki AGH professor
Maxim Atnashev University of Copenhagen Professor
Jared Wunsch Northwestern University Professor
Любовь Четырова Доктор философских наук
Pawel Urbanski University of Warsaw Professor
Nir Avni Northwestern University Professor
Cai Wingfield Lancaster University Senior Research Associate
Keith Burns Northwestern University, Mathematics Dept Professor
Andrei Jaikin Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Professor
Andreas Cap Departement of Mathematics, University of Vienna Professor
Teschl Gerald University of Vienna Professor
Henk Bruin University of Vienna Professor
Ulisse Stefanelli University of Vienna Professor
Roland Steinbauer University of Vienna Dr. Prof.
Vladimir Shikhman Chemnitz University of Technology Professor
Jean-Baptiste Caillau Université Côte d’Azur Professor
Krzysztof R AGH University of Sci. and Technology, Math. Department Dr hab., Prof. AGH
Maryna Viazovska École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Professor in Mathematics
Vladimir Dotsenko UFR Math-Info, Université de Strasbourg Professor
Ryszard Deszcz Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences University professor
Wiesław Żelazko IMPAN Professor
Roald Sagdeev Физический ф-т Мерилендского Университета США Почетный профессор, член Нац. АН США, РАН, Ватикана. Татарстана и др.
Jan Obloj University of Oxford Professor
Wojciech Slomczynski Jagiellonian University Professor
Рубаков Валерий Анатольевич Институт ядерых исследований РАН Главный научный сотрудник, д.-ф.-м.н.
Вайнштейн Илья Александрович УрФУ, ФТИ профессор РАН, д.ф.-м.н.
Юрий Александрович Костицын ГЕОХИ РАН Директор, академик РАН
Николай Николаевич Розанов ФТИ им. А.Ф. Иоффе Член-корреспондент РАН
Павел Пахлов ФИАН Член-корреспондент РАН, д. ф.-м. н.
Смелянский Руслан Леонидович МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова зав. кафедрой, д.ф.-м.н.
Индрупский Илья Михайлович ИПНГ РАН д.т.н., профессор РАН
Григорий Семенович Соколовский ФТИ им. А.Ф. Иоффе главный научный сотрудник, профессор РАН
Роман Мизюк ФИАН д.ф.-м.н., член-корр. РАН
Jacob Greenstein UC Riverside full professor
Pascal J. Thomas Université Paul Sabatier, IMT professeur
Claude ROGER Universit\'e Lyon 1 Professor emeritus
Bojan Kuzma University of Primorska Professor
anne Boutet de Monvel Universite de Paris emeritus professor
Frederic Le Roux Sorbonne Université Professor
Peter Tankov ENSAE, Institut Polytechnique de Paris Professor
Patrice Le Calvez Sorbonne Université Professor
Ana Bela Cruzeiro Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal Professor
Jean-Claude Zambrini University of Lisbon Professor
Gilles Pisier Texas A&M University and Sorbonne Université Professor
Arthur Ogus Dept. of Mathematics.University of California at Berkeley Professor Emeritus
Krzysztof Bogdan Wrocław University of Science and Technology Professor
Michael Baron American University Professor
Michail Grishenko Lomonosov Moscow State University Doctor of Sciences
Christine LE MOAL professeur de mathématiques en collège
Stéphane Nonnenmacher Université Paris-Saclay Professor
Alexander I. Bufetov Steklov Institute Professor of the RAS, Leading Researcher
Evan Warner Columbia University, department of mathematics Ritt Assistant Professor
Leonid Rybnikov PhD
Nikita Kalinin St. Petersburg State University, department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences associate professor
Sergey Loktev Undisclosed according to university local regulation Research associate
Mikhail Tamm Moscow State University associate professor, Candidate of Sciences
Evgeny Smirnov HSE associate professor, Candidate of Sciences, Ph.D.
Alexey Milovanov HSE University, Computer Science department Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences
Leonid Positselski Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague researcher, Ph.D.
Tatyana Shcherbina University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Assistant Professor
Darij Grinberg (Дарий Гринберг) Drexel University Assistant Professor
Alexander Savelyevich Shtern HSE, department of mathematics Associate professor, candidate of sciences
‪Yana Teplitskaya St. Petersburg State University Candidate of Sciences
Evgeny Lysenko Institute of Plant Physiology senior researcher, candidate of sciences
Mikhail Bershtein Landau Institute & Skoltech reseacher
Alexander Shapiro Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame Assistant Professor
Mikhail Lobanov Lomonosov Moscow State University, mekhmat associate professor, candidate of sciences
Andrey Mikhailovich Levin
Anton Khoroshkin HSE University, department of mathematics associate professor
Petr E. Pushkar HSE, math department associate professor
Andrey Dymov Steklov Institute researcher
Nikita Markarian HSE, department of Mathematics associate professor, candidate of sciences
Guillaume Rond Aix-Marseille University Associate Professor
Moussard Delphine Aix-Marseille University Assistant Professor
Anna Frid Aix-Marseille Université associate professor
Alexei Gorinov department of mathematics, HSE associate professor/PhD
Boris Stern Institute for Nuclear Research Leading Researcher, Doctor of Sciences
Daniel Litt University of Georgia, Mathematics Assistant Professor
Arnav Tripathy Harvard University BP Asst Professor
Julien Cassaigne Institut de mathématiques de Marseille, CNRS, France researcher
Inbar Klang Columbia University Ritt Assistant Professor
Anastasiya Vasilyeva Moscow State University, mekhmat Associate professor, Doctor of Sciences
Sergey Kryzhevich Saint Petersburg State University Associate professor/ Doctor of Science
Pavel Sarkisian Bauman Moscow State Technical University associate professor
Maxime Hauray Aix-Marseille University Assistant Professor
Andrey Lyashko HSE University, Computer Science department senior lecturer
Alexander Reznik HSE associate professor
Thierry COULBOIS Université d'Aix-Marseille Maître de conférences
Lionel NGUYEN VAN THE Aix-Marseille University
Feliks Levin HSE senior lecturer
Dmitry A. Ivanov The Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology Senior Researcher
Valery Pakhomov Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences
Veronika Okzan Gorky Institute of World Literature Doctor of Sciences in philology
Larisa Khanina The Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology Leading Researcher
Olga Khanina Institute of Linguistics senior researcher, candidate of sciences in philology
Sergey Medvedev N.N. Semyonov Institute of Chemical Physics senior researcher, doctor of sciences
Alexandre Gaudillière CNRS CR
Olga Paris-Romaskevich Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille Candidate of Sciences, researcher at CNRS
Bédaride Nicolas Université Aix Marseille Assistant professor
Hiro Lee Tanaka Texas State University Assistant Professor
Thomas Gobet Institut Denis Poisson, University of Tours Maître de conférences
jean-pierre escofier Université Rennes MdC
Lionel Vaux Auclair Aix-Marseille (maths/I2M) Maître de conférences
Rozenn Texier-Picard ENS Rennes mathematics department assistant professor
Thierry Raoux Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne Maître de conférences
Vladimir Bykov Lomonosov Moscow State University Associate Professor
Caterina Calgaro University of Lille (France) Assistant professor
Myriam Fradon Université de Lille Assistant professor
Rustem Aydagulov mekhmat, MSU senior researcher
Arnaud Hilion Aix Marseille University - Department of Mathematics Assistant professor
Baptiste Calmès Université d'Artois Maître de conférence
Sophie Chemla Sorbonne Universite Maître de conférence
Olga Mitrenina St. Petersburg State University, department of Mathematical Linguistics associate professor
Francoise Guimier Université Rennes 1, mathématiques Maître de conférences, retraitée
Michael Friedman Assistant Professor
Anna Felikson Durham University, Department of Mathematical Sciences Associate Professor
Christophe Cornut CNRS / IMJ-PRG
David Sherman University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, School of Mathematics Dunham Jackson Assistant Professor
Olga Maleva School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham Associate Professor
Alexis BOUTHIER Sorbonne Université Assistant Professor
Jesse Silliman Duke University Assistant Research Professor
Jonathan Mio Caltech Senior Researcher
Joao Pedro dos Santos Sorbonne Université Associate Professor
Boris Laconin McGill University Assistant Professor
Mikhail Skopenkov Higher School of Economics, Department of Mathematics Candidate of Sciences
Paul Mercat Aix-Marseille University Maître de conférences
Vladimir Borisenko MSU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics leading researcher, candidate of sciences
Špela Špenko Université libre de Bruxelles assistant professor
Olivier Wittenberg CNRS/USPN Directeur de recherche
Dan Petersen Stockholm University Lecturer
Mikhail Gabdullin Steklov Institute researcher, candidate of sciences
Hatem Zaag CNRS Senior CNRS Researcher
Farida Enikeeva University of Poitiers Associate professor
Nick Bezhanishvili University of Amsterdam Assistant Professor
Thomas Koberda University of Virginia Associate professor
Christopher Rasmussen Wesleyan University Associate Professor of Mathematics
Daniil Musatov MIPT, Applied Mathematics school Assistant professor/Cand. of Sci.
Alexander Filatov Far Eastern Federal University cand. of sci., head of laboratory, associate professor
Grishin Egor reykjavik university Senior researcher
Konstantin Tikhonov Landau Institute Researcher
Mikhail Vogman Institute of Asian and African Studies researcher
Kıvanç Ersoy Freie Universität Berlin Priv.-Doz. Dr.
Gordon Ian Williams University of Alaska Fairbanks Professor
Manjil Saikia Cardiff University Research Associate
Victor Lempitsky Samsung AI Center & Skoltech associate professor
Сапрыкина Мария Евгеньевна KTH (Royal institute of technology), Dept. of Mathematics. Лектор/доцент
Patrick Allen McGill University Assistant Professor
Anush Tserunyan McGill University Assistant Professor
Anat Matar Tel Aviv University (philosophy dept) Senior lecturer
Benjamin AUDOUX Aix-Marseille University Assistant professor
Elena Arseneva Mathematics and Computer Science, Saint-Petersburg State University Assistant Professor
Julia Resnik Hebrew university of Jerusalem, School of Education associate professor
Fedor Bakharev Saint Petersburg State University senior scientist
Roman Bessonov St.Petersburg State University & PDMI RAS Associate Professor
Sergey Arkhipov Aarhus University Associate Professor
Dmitriy Stolyarov St. Petersburg State University Associate professor/ PhD
Виденский Илья Викторович СПбГУ, матмех доцент, к.ф-м.н.
Alexandre Ananin Department of Mathematics at the State University of São Paulo (branch at São Carlos) associate professor
Семён Подкорытов ПОМИ РАН с. н. с., к. ф.-м. н.
Shaul Katzir Tel Aviv Univeristy Associate Professor
Evita Nestoridi Princeton university Assistant professor
Corinne BLONDEL CNRS-University of Paris Chargée de recherche
Piotr Achinger IMPAN Warsaw Assistant professor
Adrien Deloro Sorbonne Université Assistant Professor
Jan Rozendaal Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences Assistant Professor
Pavel Zatitskii St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute Associate professor
Pascale Harinck Institut polytechnique de Paris CNRS researcher
Mohan R Azim Premji University Assistant professor
Petrus Henrique Ribeiro dos Anjos UFCAT Associated Professor
Fabiano Barbosa Mendes da Silva UFRPE Adjunct Professor
Вячеслав Чижиков Институт кристаллографии РАН старший научный сотрудник, к.ф.-м.н.
Todd Trimble Western Connecticut State University Assistant Professor/Doctor
Maris Ozols University of Amsterdam Assistant professor
Robin Damion University of Nottingham. School of Medicine. Research Fellow
Jakub Gismatullin Uniwerytet Wroclawski & IMPAN assistant professor
Laurent Coumel Inalco assistant professor
Paweł Goldstein University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Associate Professor, vice-dean for students' affairs
Aleksander Jankowski University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics Assistant Professor
David A. Madore Télécom ParisTech Associate Professor
Daniel Max Hoffmann University of Warsaw Assistant Professor
Hannes Ullrich University of Copenhagen Associate Professor
Francesca Arici Leiden University (NL) Assistant Professor
Katarzyna Grabowska University of Warsaw, Department of Physics Assistant Professor
Mykola Khrypchenko Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Professor Adjunto
Rafael Ruggiero PUC-Rio- Mathematics Associate professor
Ricardo Miranda Martins Unicamp - Campinas University Associate Professor
aldir chaves brasil junior Universidade de Ceará Doutor
Szymon Charzyński University of Warsaw Assistant Professor
Henrique Sa Earp Unicamp, Department of Mathematics Associate Professor
Luiz Hartmann UFSCar Associated Professor
Bartosz Wilczynski University of Warsaw assistant professor
Emilia Koustova University of Strasbourg (France), Department of Slavonic Studies Associate Professor
LE HUEROU Anne Paris Nanterre University Assistant professor
Mikhail Neklyudov UFAM Assistant Professor
Karina Girardi Roggia UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina) - Computer Science Dept. Associate professor
Marlo Souza Federal University of Bahia - Brazil Assistant Professor
MARIO OTAVIO SALLES Mathematics Department - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte Assistant Professor
Luiz Leduino de Salles Neto Federal University of São Paulo Associate Professor
Luna Lomonaco IMPA assistant professor
Carlos Henrique Grossi Ferreira University of São Paulo Associate professor
William Gertler University of Waterloo Researcher
Florencia Leonardi Universidade de São Paulo Associate Professor
Edward Price Grinnell College, Department of Mathematics and Statistics Assistant Professor
Keith Levin University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Statistics Assistant professor
Rodrigo Bissacot University of São Paulo (USP) Associate Professor
Valentin D. Burcea Independent Researcher Doctor of Mathematics
Tuna ALTINEL Institut Camille Jordan, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Associate professor
Rodney Biezuner UFMG Associate Professor
Maurício Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Associate Professor
Thilo Kuessner Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Lecturer
Cesar S. Eschenazi Mathematical Dep. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Associated Professor (rested)
Urs-Martin Künzi Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS) Lecturer, scientific officer
johan dubbeldam Delft University of Technology Assoc. professor
Peter Addor FFHS lecturer
Alex S Arvanitakis Vrije Universiteit Brussel Postdoc
Kenny De Commer Vrije Universiteit Brussel Associate Professor
Piotr Suwara Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences Assistant Professor
michel mollard CNRS researcher
Pasquale Zito FH Potsdam Lecturer
Grégoire Charlot Institut Fourier, Grenoble, France Associate professor
So Okada National Institute of Technology, Oyama College Associate Professor
Jean-Baptiste Meilhan Université Grenoble Alpes Associate Professor
Pierre Dehornoy Université Grenoble Alpes Assistant professor
João Frederico da Costa Azevedo Meyer Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Ralph Morrison Williams College Asst. Professor/PhD
Boris Thibert Université Grenoble Alpes Associate Professor
Thilo Kuessner Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Lecturer
Maria Saprykina Dept. if Math., KTH Royal institute of Technology, Sweden lektor
Konstantin Brenner Université Côte d'Azur Associate professor
Robin Adams Charmers University of Technology Docent (Associate Professor)
Alexandr Kazda Charles University, Czech Republic Assistant Professor
Ludovic Marquis Université Rennes 1 Associate professor
Shengda Hu Wilfrid Laurier Uniersity Associate Professor
Davit VARRON University Bourgogne Franche Comé Assistant professor
Sheila Sandon Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée, Strasbourg Chargée de recherche
Anna Rita Sambucini Dept. of Mastematics and Computer Sciences. Univ. of Perugia (Italy) associate professor
Daniele Angella Università di Firenze Associate Professor
Guillem Perarnau Politechnical University Catalonia Associate professor
Jean-Christophe Mourrat New York University Associate professor
Yury Volkov Saint Petersburg State University associated professor
Alberto Vezzani Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Maître de conférences
Anna Kononova СПбГУ, мат-мех доцент, к.ф-м.н.
Marek Kaluba TU Berlin Researczer
Paweł Morkisz AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Applied Mathematics Assistant Professor
Jacek Chmieliński Pedagogical University of Krakow associate professor
Vsevolod Vladimirov AGH Universitu od Science and Technology im Krakow Academic teacher/Dr hab
Mateusz Kwaśnicki Wrocław University of Science and Technology associate professor
Janusz Zieliński Nicolaus Copernicus University Associate Professor
Piotr Sworowski Casimirus the Great University, Dept of Math, Bydgoszcz Asst. Prof.
Rachel Skipper The Ohio State University Zassenhaus Assistant Professor/ PhD
Justyna Signerska-Rynkowska Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics Assistant Professor
Yevgeny Liokumovich University of Toronto Assistant Professor
Pavel Petrov Pacific Oceanological Institute (POI) Head of lab, PhD
Vasil Galat NUFSM, Chicago Associate Professor
Rafał Kalinowski AGH University, Cracow, Poland Associate professor
Maciej Capinski AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland Associate professor
Шапировский Илья Борисович ИППИ РАН и New Mexico State University Assistant professor
Travis Gagie Dalhousie University Associate Professor
Алексей Юрьевич Шеманов Московский государственный психолого-педагогический университет доктор философских наук
Minabutdinov Alexey HSE Associate professor
Ilya Khayutin Northwestern Assistant Professor
John M. Alongi Northwestern University Professor of Instruction
Evgeny Sedashov НИУ ВШЭ Assistant Professor
Maria Nastasescu Northwestern University Assistant Professor of Instruction
Jakub Byszewski Jagiellonian University Assistant Professor
Vladimir Kazeev University of Vienna Assistant Professor
Leonhard Summerer Faculty of Mathematics of University of Vienna ao. Prof.
Markus Fulmek Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna Ao.Prof.
Vladislav Kargin Binghamton University, USA Associate Professor
Andreas Ulovec University of Vienna Senior Lecturer
Carl Barton Birkbeck Lecturer
Успенский Федор Институт русского языка РАН Доктор филологических наук
Alan Wiggins University of Michigan Dearborn Associate Professor
Jonathan Beardsley University of Nevada, Reno Assistant Professor
Elena Vernova IZMIRAN, St. Petersburg senior researcher
Alexander Baikov Moscow Aviation Institute Assistant Professor
Elena Machkasova University of Minnesota Morris Associate Professor
Yury Ustinovskiy Courant Institute, New York University Assistant Professor
Sergey Berezin Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille (AMU, CNRS) Postdoc researcher
Dmitry Sustretov KU Leuven postdoctoral fellow
David Enrique Garcia Zelada Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille Chercheur postdoc
Max Lahn University of Michigan Department of Mathematics Graduate Student Instructor
Ilya Sverdlov University of Helsinki, HCAS University researcher
Nikon Kurnosov UCL Research Fellow
Yasha Gindikin Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics Senior research scientist
Vladlen Moiseevich Finkelberg Candidate of Sciences
William Franks Mit mathematics Postdoc/PhD
Valeria Shikheeva Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute, College of Informational Technology and Computer Science candidate of sciences
Dmitri Korshunov Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada Aluno de doutorado
Leonid Monin University of Bristol Research Associate
Alexey Elagin IITP RAS candidate of sciences
pierre lazag post doc
Anton A. Aizenberg Computer Science department, HSE University Associate professor, Candidate of Sciences
Dmitry Kubrak Max Plack Institute für Mathematik Postdoc/PhD
Jonathan Wang MIT Instructor/Postdoc
Pavel Semenyuk Department of Number Theory, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University postgraduate
Alexandr Polyanskii MIPT Research Fellow
Yulia Petrova St Petersburg State University postdoc
Kiramov Dmitrii The University of Texas at Austin Postdoc/PhD
Maxim Gromov Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics researcher, candidate of sciences
Alexander Kozachinskiy University of Warwick researcher, candidate of sciences
Sergey Fedorov Lomonosov Moscow State University senior researcher, candidate of sciences
Evgeny Baulin FPMI MIPT senior lecturer
Abigail Ward MIT postdoc
Sergey Dovgal Université de Bordeaux Postdoc
Maxim Mornev ETH Zürich Postdoc
Kristine Shmakov Portland Community College Instructor of Russian
Lynnelle Ye Stanford University Postdoc
Vlada Baranova Institute for Linguistic Studies/HSE University researcher, lecturer
Anastasia Shatilovich Institute for Physical Chemistry and Biology of Soil senior researcher
Yuri Bazlov Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester lecturer
Konstantin Bogdanov Aix-Marseille University Research associate
Mikhail Romanov The Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology cand. of sc. in biology, senior researcher
Stephane RIGAT Aix-Marseille University Dr
Alexandre Arkhipov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of the World Culture head of the department, Cand. of Sc. in philology
Azat Gainutdinov CNRS Researcher
Marina Ville CNRS - Université Paris-Est Créteil, France researcher in mathematics/PhD holder
Andrei Bespalov University of Warwick WIRL-COFUND Fellow, PhD, Cand. of Sc. in Philosophy
Kroum Tzanev University of Lille
Vakulyuk Vasiliy Department of Mechanics and Mathematics MSU research scientist
Nikolai Zelikin mekhmat, MSU researcher
Stepan Kuznetsov Steklov Institute senior researcher
DANIEL ALVAREZ-GAVELA MIT Simons Postdoctoral Associate and Instructor of Pure Mathematics
Vincent Duchene Université de Rennes 1 Researcher
Maxim Lipatov mekhmat, Moscow State University associate professor
Daryl Funk Mathematics, Douglas College
Jakob von Raumer Karlsruhe Institute of Technology PostDoc
Sylvain Gaulhiac Sorbonne Université Postdoc
Boris Trushin Foxford candidate of sciences
Geoffrey Janssens Vrije Universiteit Brussel Post-doc
Maria Filatova Ural Federal University, Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics cand. of sci.
Maria Yakerson ETH Zurich postdoc
Nicolas Eisen Universite de Poitiers Maitre de conference/phd
Mikhail Patrakeev Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics senior researcher, candidate of sciences
Benjamin Robinson University of Vienna, Institute for Mathematics Postdoc, PhD
Amic Frouvelle Ceremade (Paris-Dauphine) / LMA (Poitiers) Maître de Conférences
Jonathan Gorard University of Cambridge Researcher
Mikhail Dubashinskiy Saint-Petersburg State University Candidate of Sciences
Ashwath shetty IIITH Research Assistant
Ignatiy Kolesnichenko Yandex Tech lead
Stephanie Schiemann Mathe im Leben gGmbH CEO
Andrei Yakivchik MSU (mekhmat), Moscow Power Engineering Institute associate professor
Marcel Padilla TU Berlin Assistant researcher
Alexey Zhevlakov Tomsk State University Scientific researcher
Konstantin Sorokin Glasgow University Lecturer/candidate of sciences
Yizheng Yuan TU Berlin Research assistant, M.Sc.
Èduard Lerner Kazan Federal University associate professor/cand. of sci.
Alexander Dunlap NYU Courant Postdoc
Daniel Disegni Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Lecturer
Alan Chang Princeton postdoc
Andrei Lavrenov SPbU Postdoc, Ph. D.
Nikita Rastegaev SPbSU researcher
Shai Evra Princeton Univeristy Instructor
Чепуркин Константин Михайлович СПбГУ Старший преподаватель
Minh-Tam Trinh Massachusetts Institute of Technology CLE Moore Instructor
Ekaterina Stuken SPbU postdoc
Alex Mauricio Zamudio Espinosa UFRJ - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Postdoc researcher
Luís F. Seoane Spanish National Center for Biotechnology Postdoctoral Fellow
Sophia Restad Kansas State University Graduate Teaching Assistant
Gage Hoefer Graduate Teaching Assistant
Arpan Saha Universität Hamburg Postdoctoral fellow
Michał Strzelecki Uni Postdoc
Uffe Sanggaard Pensioned teacher
Sebastian Pérez Opazo PUCV Post doc
Ahmad Rafiqi Universidade de São Paulo Postdoc
William D. Montoya UNICAMP Postdoctoral Fellow
Sebastián Pérez Opazo PUCV Post doc
Roman Vasquez Auburn University Graduate Teaching Assistant
Benito A Juárez Aubry UNAM Postdoc
Bryce California State University, Los Angeles Teaching Associate
Daniel Johnstone University of Toronto Postdoc
Marta Strzelecka University of Warsaw, Institute of Mathematics assistant
Thorsten Heidersdorf Universität Bonn Postdoc
Ingo Blechschmidt postdoc
Claudia Bucur university of milano-bicocca post doc researcher
Andrzej Lenarcik Kielce University of Technology Doctor of science
Joanna Klk UWM Olsztyn dr
Stefan Pecen Bratislava, Slovakia
Ирина Ильина Институт языка, литературы и истории к.и.н.
Пивоваров Александр Михайлович Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет доцент, кандидат социологических наук
Ilya Peshkov Sobolev Institute of Mathematics Research associate
Вачеслав Китаев The University of Western Australia A/Prof
Elena Efimova RSUH доцент, к.ф.-м.н.
Anna Medvedovsky Boston University postdoc
Mikolaj Fraczyk University of Chicago postdoc
Olga Zolotareva Technical University of Munich Postdoc
Grigory Rybnikov Altium candidate of sciences
Dmitry Denisov Lomonosov Moscow State University Lecturer
Davide Macera Università degli studi Roma Tre/QMUL PhD student
Léo Hubert Aix-Marseille University PhD
Elise Brown Department support admin, MIT Mathematics
Vardan Oganesyan University of Montreal Postdoctoral fellow
Ivan Menshikov St. Petersburg Hymnasium №166 math teacher
Vladimir Gribanov candidate of sciences
Mikhail Dvorkin HSE University at St. Petersburg lecturer
Aleksandra Zhila MSU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics cand. of sciences
Sergey Soloviev Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology researcher, candidate of sciences
Yulia Nikolaeva Lomonosov Moscow State University researcher
Valentin Gusev Institute of Linguistics candidate of sciences in philology
Oksana Goncharko ITMO University, HSE University candidate of sciences in philosophy
Sam Adriaensen Vrije Universiteit Brussel Teaching assistant / PhD student
Cayce Fylling Department of Applied Mathematics, University of California, Merced PhD student
Gleb Terentiuk University of Michigan PhD Student
Alexander Chernavin Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Assistant
Павел Ходунов МКН, СПбГУ магистр, лаборант-исследователь
Anton Tselishchev St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute PhD student
Vladimir Sosnilo Saint Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute PhD student
Vladislav Romanovskii SPbU, Algebra and Nuber Theory PhD
Artur Riazanov St. Peterburg's department of Steklov Mathematical Institure Junior researcher, MSc
Гвоздевский Павел Борисович СПбГУ Аспирант
Alexey Gordeev PDMI RAS PhD student
Anatolii Zaikovskii Saint Petersburg State University PhD Student
Alexandra Sonina St. Petersburg State University, department of Mathematics and Computer Science M.Sc. student
Daria Shchedrina University of Nottingham PhD student
Daniil Kliuev MIT PhD student
Kravtsov Vadim University of Turku PhD-student
Пирогов Михаил Александрович University of Geneva, Faculty of Sciences, Section of Mathematics Ph. D. student
Danil Akhtiamov Hebrew University, faculty of mathematics Graduate student
Yoav Beirach Tel Aviv University, School of Philosophy and Linguistics Phd student
Egor Kolpakov Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics PhD student
Лемешев Андрей Федорович ИТМО Аспирант
Ilya Losev St. Petersburg State University Master student
Mihail Arabadji University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD student
Melanie Koser Humboldt Universität zu Berlin PhD
Dan Fess Princeton University PhD student
Kevin Walker Station Q PhD
Бахматов Илья Владимирович ИТМФ МГУ PhD
Stéphane Guillermou Université Grenoble Alpes researcher
Jeremy Kirn University of Amsterdam Masters student
Елена Меньшенина Институт водного транспорта им. Г.Я Седова К.т.н., доцент
Daria Kokh HITS gGmbH Senior researcher, PhD
Буланкина Вера Валерьевна Мехмат, МГУ
Bogdan Zavyalov Stanford University PhD student
Nikita Gladkov UCLA PhD student
Ben Johnsrude UCLA Ph.D. student
Roman Krutowski UCLA Ph.D. student
Slava Naprienko Stanford University, Department of mathematics PhD student
rodion n. déev Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences graduate student
Riley Thornton UCLA PhD Student
Aaron George UCLA Mathematics Ph.D. student
Grisha Papayanov Northwestern University graduate student
Ilya Dumanski HSE M.Sc. student
Alexander Popkovich HSE University, Mathematics department
Daria Poliakova University of Copenhagen PhD Student
Anatoly Petrovich Chepasov HSE University, math department
Irina Mamsurova HSE University B.Sc. student
Christian Gorski Northwestern University PhD student
Alisa Chistopolskaya HSE University, Math department student
Raymond Chu UCLA Ph.D Student
Wonjun Lee UCLA PhD student
Jiahan Du UCLA Graduate student
Cecelia Higgins UCLA Ph.D. student
Talon Stark UCLA Graduate Student
Dean Menezes UCLA Ph.D. student
Benjamin Spitz UCLA, Department of Mathematics PhD student
Austin Christian University of California, Los Angeles Graduate student
Arpon Raksit Stanford University PhD Student
Avi Zeff Columbia University PhD student
Alex Xu Columbia University, department of mathematics PhD student
Caleb Ji Columbia University PhD student
Jason Schuchardt UCLA PhD student
David Yang Harvard University, Department of Mathematics Ph. D student
Alexey Balitskiy MIT, department of mathematics PhD student
Frederick Vu UCLA PhD student
Katja Vassilev University of Michigan PhD student
Peter Park Harvard University Ph.D. Student
Christopher Stith University of Michigan Mathematics Department Ph.D. Student
Gorskiy Dmitriy Paris School of Economics Graduate student
Alvaro Martinez Columbia University, math Graduate student
Peter Ogarok MIPT, FPMI M.Sc. student
Wyatt Reeves Harvard University, Department of Mathematics Ph.D. Student
Drahomyrova Mariia NTUU "KPI"
Yury Arutyunov HSE University, Department of Mathematics Student
Anastasia Dudkovskaya HSE University B.Sc. Student
Anna Abasheva Columbia University PhD student
Christopher Zhang University of Michigan PhD
Dmitry Krekov Skoltech, center for advanced studies Graduate student
Vasily Rogov Humboldt-Universität, Berlin Graduate student
Aisha Mechery Rice University PhD student
Anatoliy Lotkov Kurchatov Institute — ITEP Graduate Student
Yasha Finkelberg B.Sc. student
Natalia Baranova Moscow State University, department of biology student
Joseph Finkelberg Moscow State University, Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics student
Sofia Gaidukova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics student
Natalia Boreyko University of Michigan Ph.D. student
Siyan Li–Huerta Harvard University Graduate student
Bar Roytman University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. student
Anton Sorokin HSE B.Sc. student
Ilia Gaiur University of Birmingham, School of Mathematics PhD student
Anton Vakhranyov HSE University, School of Linguistics M.Sc. student
Andrey Boris Khesin Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Math Department Graduate Student
Kostiantyn Tolmachov Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Postdoctoral Fellow
Linus Hamilton MIT Grad student
Alexander Petrov Harvard University PhD student
Paolo Perrone MIT Postdoc
Peter J. Kempthorne MIT Lecturer/PhD
Anna Dmitrieva University of Amsterdam Master student
Aleksei Pakharev Northeastern University graduate student
Asya Mendelevich Skoltech PhD student
Robert Burklund MIT PhD student
Aleksandr Berdnikov MIT math Grad student
Leila Sloman Stanford University (Mathematics) graduate student
Timothy Ngotiaoco MIT Math Graduate Student
Sinho Chewi Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD Candidate
Brandis Whitfield Temple University Department of Mathematics Graduate Student
Leo Lobski MSc
Aleksandra Zabotkina MSU, department of biology
Elena Kreines Lomonosov Moscow State University Ph.D.
Anastasia Rogachevskaya HSE University B.Sc.
Valeria Fedoseeva Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
Anastasia Alferova HSE University, department of mathematics student
Timofey Gorchakov HSE University B.Sc.
Lev Soukhanov HSE, department of mathematics
Vladislav Grigoriev HSE, department of Mathematics
Aleksei Piskunov HSE University math department M.Sc. student
Alexandra Kulikova HSE University B.Sc.
Polina Romanova HSE department of mathematics Student
Raisa Safronova HSE University M.Sc. student
Mikhail Holzblatt HSE University Department of Mathematics Student
Grigory Konovalov Skoltech Master student
Roy Magen Columbia university PhD student
Matteo Spadetto University of Leeds PhD student
Nathaniel Yang Harvard University PhD student
Matteo Fraschetti
Chengyang Shao MIT PhD student
Polina Baron University of Chicago PhD student
Blaine Talbut UCLA Ph.D. student
Svetlana Malysheva Queen Mary University of London PhD student
Stanislav Ershov St. Petersburg State University
Yulia Latypova HSE department of Mathematics
Wei Yao Univeristy of Chicago, Mathematics PhD Student
Lorenzo Cristofaro La Sapienza University PhD student
Svetlana Gavrilova HSE University, Department of Mathematics B.Sc.
Arseny Sotsky HSE, department of Mathematics M.Sc. student
Calista Bernard Stanford University PhD student
Sergei Korotkikh MIT Grad student
Asier Calbet Rípodas Queen Mary University of London PhD student
Irina Lanskikh HSE University math department student
Elizaveta Nesterova HSE University, department of mathematics B. Sc. student
Khaydar Nurligareev Higher School of Economics PhD student
Nina Zubrilina Princeton Graduate student
Ilya Korneev HSE University, department of mathematics B.Sc. student
Irina Novichkova HSE University, department of mathematics
Steven Truong UCLA Ph.D. Student
Azat Akhmadullin HSE University, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics Student
Van Latimer UCLA Graduate Student
Morgan Opie Harvard University
Grace Li UCLA PhD Student
Micah Gay University of Chicago PhD Student
Alexander Nikolenko Higher School of Economics, Department of Mathematics B.Sc. student
Andrey Konovalov department of mathematics graduate student
Anvar Shakhidi HSE University Math department
Nikolay Bit HSE Univesity Math Department Student
Maria Bezverkhaya B.Sc. student
Anfisa Gurenkova Math department at HSE Student
Pyotr Soyfer Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Student
Nikita Elfimov Moscow State University, mekhmat student
Vitaly Guzeev HSE Math department Student
Madina Mukhamedshina Gnesin Academy of Music Student
Marat Nazyrov Bashkir State University, department of chemistry student
Nikita Filippov HSE University Math Department B.Sc. student
Alexandra Shtareva HSE University department of Mathematics student
Ivan Alekseev St. Petersburg State University student
Nikolay Slinkin HSE University department of Mathematics M.Sc. student
Yuri Kuznetsov HSE math dept
Ivan Russkikh MIPT, Landau School of Physics B.Sc.
Samuele Madau Student
Pavel Tomas HSE Math Department M.Sc. in Mathematics
Aleksandra Galkin MSU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics student
Ivan Ovcharenko Lomonosov Moscow State University
Ekaterina Bogdanova HSE University student
Rémy Cerda I2M, Aix-Marseille Univ.
Raphaele Herbin
Mark Alexeev HSE University, Department of Mathematics student
Homza Daniil Jagiellonian Uniwersity Student
Arman Tuganbaev HSE University, Department of Mathematics Student
Viktoria Basko Higher School of Economics, department of mathematics M.Sc. student
Vadim Gizatulin HSE University, department of mathematics M.Sc. student
Yulia Antonova HSE B.Sc. student
Nikolai Konovalov University of Notre Dame PhD student
Olga Shuvalova HSE University student
Maxim Beketov Computer Science department at HSE University graduate student
Dosaev Rinat HSE student
Elizaveta Rudenko HSE University, department of Mathematics Student
Ivan Beldiev HSE math department student
Walter D Neumann Columbia University/Barnard College
Alice Merz University of Pisa PhD student
Ramla Abdellatif LAMFA - UPJV (Mathematics) Maîtresse de conférences
Alexey Muranov Université d'Aix-Marseille, France maître de conférences
Dean McHugh University of Amsterdam PhD student
Alexandra Utiralova MIT Graduate student
Aleksandr Osin MIPT, Skoltech M.Sc.
Waleed Qaisar University of Toronto Graduate Student
Liliya Mantsevich BSU PhD Fellow
Aleksandr Bezrukov Sr. Engineer
Stepan Kuznetsov HSE student
Lavrentin Arutyunyan Lomonosov MSU
Oleg Martynov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics graduate
Daniil Glukhovskiy New York University BA student
Pavel Sobyanin
Sdobyrev Peter MAI
Andrei Ionov HSE, MIT PhD student
Vladimir Sviyazov Higher School of Economics graduate student
Dmitry Borisovich Bukin "The Second school" lyceum Mathematics teacher, PhD
Ilya Burenko Sber AI Lab Researcher
Oleg Yakubov MSU, mekhmat Graduate
Romanenko Gleb MSU master student
Ekaterina Karpova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mathematics and Mechanics Graduate
Artur Chakhvadze Snap Inc Research Engineer
Yury Rusinov SRI "Rubin" Leader researcher
Andrei Bobu PhD
Maksim Lukankin Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Student
Victor Omelyanenko Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics M.Sc.
Rina Paucar Rojas IMCA PhD student
Sergey Yudin MSU graduate, Azat's fellow student
Vasily Mokin mekhmat, MSU graduate
Aleksander Shmakov University of Georgia
Elena Denisova University of Bordeaux
Diego Chicharro University of Bordeaux
Olga Medrano The University of Chicago PhD Student
Georgiy Shalygin RUDN University, Faculty of Science student
Alina Grankina State Public Scientific & Technological Library, Siberian branch of the RAS junior researcher
Chinmaya Kausik Indian Institute of Science Undergraduate Student
Gunjeet Singh Indian Institute of Technology Ropar B.Tech student
Tatyana Enderova Kazan University, Institute of Physics
Nikita Kovalev Southern Federal University (Math department), University of Twente (EEMCS) MSc
Lolita Pecherkina Lomonosov Moscow State University
Zoia arkhipova MSU 2 year of phd
Nikolay Sheshko Jagiellonian University Master student
Khlyustova Nelli HSE University B. Sc.
Ilya Levin HSE, math department Graduate student
Alexander Nikiforov cand. of sci.
Nadya Khoroshavkina HSE, department of mathematics student
Tatyana Grinkevich HSE University, Computer Science department student
Alexei Orlovsky Lomonosov MSU, department theory of probability Graduate
Timofey Marchenkov Lomonosov Moscow State University Alumnus
Kramsakov Evgeniy Institute of Cybersecurity of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University Student
Fedor Selyanin HSE Math department Student
Andrey Chupakhin Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics graduate student
Elena Tuzhilina Stanford University PhD
Le Meur Université de Picardie Jules Verne CR1
Charles Boubel université de Strasbourg maître de conférences
Evgenia Edemskaya Moscow Region State University, department of physics and mathematics
Timur Kozmenko Bravado Software Engineer
Valeria Bodneva N.N. Semyonov Institute of Chemical Physics senior researcher, cand. of sc.
Yana Tokareva "so it goes" Ltd. free artist
Diego Santoro Scuola Normale Superiore PhD student
Alexey Derevyankin Huawei Technologies cand. of sci.
Nikolai Kuchumov HSE University, department of mathematics Graduate student
Dmitry Tabalin Institute of Control Sciences junior researcher
Artemii Korolkov New Economic School Graduate student
Nikita Klemyatin HSE/Skoltech
Beatrice Segalini Physics Department, University of Padua Master student
Michele Massignani Student
Jim Ritter
Mateo Jaramillo Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation MSc Logic
Antoine Sedillot IMJ-PRG PHD
Graham White D.Phil (Oxford)
Vasily Krylov MIT, HSE PhD
Denis Korzhenkov MSU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics
Alexander Ostanin Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies, Department of Applied Mathematics graduate student, lecturer
Trent Neutgens
Olivier Dudas CNRS Researcher
Jenet Abdullaeva HSE University, Department of Mathematics B.Sc. student
Stepan Osipov MIPT student
Kevin Straka Wilkes University Graduate Teaching Assistant, Candidate for MS Mathematics
Igor Kulikov Chelyabinsk State University, department of mathematics B. Sc. student
Owain West University of Waterloo PhD Student
Steven Adger Student
Rishab Bomma
Javier Ruiz Ruvalcaba University of Guadalajara BSc Student
Alexei Gorelov HSE University, mathematics M. Sc. student
Spencer McElrath Bachelor's
Shahzad Kalloo University of Kentucky Graduate Student
Thomas Kalinowski
Trygve Poppe Oldervoll NTNU M.Sc. Student
Samuel Ford PhD
Jairo Ivan Pena Hidalgo Florida State University PhD student
Imi Kim
Oliver Nash University of Durham MMath student
Jackson Meyerhoff Bachelors in mathematics
Lorenzo Pinton University of Amsterdam Master student
Alexander V. Smal St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute junior researcher
Jack Haskins Xavier University Student
William Bell Purdue University Math Department undergraduate
Lucas A MacQuarrie
David Serrahima
Steve Huntsman
Joseph Baroni Graduate Student
Jeffrey Ayers UNC Chapel Hill Ph.D. Student
Aaron Jordan Kaw University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours)
Julien Casagrande University of Cambridge MA
Raveen Tehara Student
Evan Sundbo University of Toronto PhD Student
Joseph Cummings University of Kentucky, Department of Mathematics PhD student
Jared Rubin University of Hartford, Department of Mathematics BS Mathematics
Jack Walsh University of Warwick Undergraduate
Diya Elizabeth Student
Joe Delistraty Masters Student U Missouri
Christopher A. Wong Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Sandra Perez Mathematical and Scientific Computation
Alexander Bouquet University of California: Berkeley Student
Téo Orthlieb CS graduate
Pratyush Mishra UC Berkeley Graduate Student, Computer Science
Roumen Guha University of California, San Diego M.S. Candidate in Robotics
Ava Norrell Mathematics student
Ryan Greyling B.S. Mathematics
Marisa Cantarino Imecc - Unicamp PhD student
Jon Southam
Maurice Pierre Columbia University Math Dept. Master’s Student
Justin Baum University of South Carolina Computer Science Student
Arunavo Ganguly Presidency University Student
William Grenard Lecturer
Gregory Bazhenov Furydrops webzine candidate of sciences in economics
Quinlan Bock Lawrence University Student
Sam Kwak University of Oregon Expected B. S. Mathematics
Nicola Bagalà MSc
Evgeny Gostev Akmulla Bashkir State Pedagogical University Graduate student
Nicholas Geiser UCLA PhD candidate, theoretical physics
Dias Nurlanov Seattle University B.S. Computer science
Alison Pouplin Technical University of Denmark PhD student
Donavon Troy List
Xavier Mootoo
Ivan Perunov HSE/Skoltech Graduate student
Ekaterina Falunina MSU, faculty of mathematics and mechanics
Tim Verhoef Eindhoven university of technology, department of mathematics B.Sc. student
Grigory Bochkarev Innopolis University BCs
Antoine Godin
Alexander Ykanovich University of Illinois alumni Ph.d in Applied Mathematics
Valentin Guy-Deroubaix University of Nantes 44000 France seconds years student in mathematics
Christian Zegarra University at Albany Undergraduate Student
Ilnur Ikhsanov Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Department of Informatics and Robotics student
Noel Lundström
Anaïs Rat Ecole Centrale de Marseille PhD student
Andrey Davydov Altium Software Developer, HSE math department alumnus
Aidan Mannion MSc. Applied Mathematics
Alexandra Mazurova
Danilo D'Eugenio Math student
Illya Serdyuk Università di Pisa B.Sc. Student
Jesse Wilson University of Edinburgh Mathematics Undergraduate
Vasanth Pidaparthy Indian Institute of Science Master's Student
Francesco Di Lallo University of Birmingham MSc Student
Raushan Nair Student/Masters
Callum Murray Undergrad Student
Anastasia Korenevskaya St. Petersburg State University, department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Tarun Diwan Mathematics
Tarun Diwan Durham university Mathematics
Sebastian H. Martensen Norwegian University of Science and Technology PhD student
Alexander B. Kalmynin HSE University, department of mathematics graduate student
Chloé Marchand PhD student
Aleksandr Berezin National Research University of Electronic Technology, dept. of higher mathematics-1 M. Sc.
François Parreau Laboratoire d'Analyse Géométrie et Applications (UMR 7539 CNRS_Université Paris 13))
Alex Radcliffe Durham University MMath
Leonardo Maltoni Sorbonne Université Ph.D. student
Dmitry Yamkovoi Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Junior researcher
Dmitry Barshev Ushinsky Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University, Department of Physics and Mathematics
Nataly Munts Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics junior researcher
Raoul Koudijs ILLC Master Student
Daniel Hubbell University of Lincoln Undergraduate student
Darya Grigorash Novosibirsk State Technical University Student
Stiofáin Fordham PhD
Devarajan Iyer
Alexander Mays McGill University Student
Maksim Khabarov IHEP, PhD student & jr. researcher
David Klompenhouwer The University of Edinburgh Mathematics and Physics undergrad
Zachary Chairez University of Texas at Arlington PhD Candidate
Jacob Mielke Associate of Sciences
Ajmain Yamin Stony Brook University Student
Ivan Kobtsev MSU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics Graduate student
jack stubbs Edinburgh University Chemistry
Kirill Chirkin Softline 1st prize of the Mekhmat MSU Olympiad 2009
Alexei Popov Moscow State University
William Cooperman University of Chicago, Mathematics Department PhD student
Anastasis Kafetzopoulos Queen Mary University of London PhD student
Lawrence Frolov Rutgers University Bachelors of Science
Konstantin Druzhkov Lomonosov Moscow State University, mekhmat
Igor Bardin Moscow State University
Daniil Petrov Moscow State University Specialist
Ishan Banerjee University of Chicago Graduate student
Nitan Avivi Stuhl Bachelors in Math
Emil Haugen UiO
Abdoulrazack Mohamed Abdi Doctorant
Isaac green Bachelor degree
Stephen Zhang University of British Columbia, Mathematics Graduate student
Kristijan Verović FER Zagreb student
Kirill Vedenev Southern Federal Universiry PhD student
Darya Dishanova Herzen University M. Sc.
Deval Mehta BS, Mathematical Sciences & Physics
Ammar Ahmed Information Technology University, Punjab - Dept of Computer Science Research Assistant
Elena Yermakova
Daniel Alexein Valpuesta Galvan Instituto Politécnico Nacional Student
Ahmed Badran Undergraduate student
Nour eldin nabil mohamed Mathematics department at Faculty of Science Teaching Assistant
Sandra Nair University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1st year PhD student
Sophia Samuseva MSU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics student
Anya Nordskova Saint Petersburg State University master student
Sergio Cristancho Sanchez Universidad de los Andes Masters Student
Tudor Ungureanu
Sergio Alejandro Fernández de soto Guerrero Universidad del Valle Master degree
Alejandro Martínez Méndez CIMAT-Basic Mathematics Master's in Basic Mathematics
Daniil Mamaev St. Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science M. Sc. student
Harahm Park Oxford Mathematical Institute Undergraduate Student
Andrew Tawfeek Amherst College Student
Nikolaos Chatzarakis Department of Mathematics, Trinity College & Department of Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Tanya Otsetarova Stanford University BSc Mathematics
Laila Coutry Sorbonne Universite Postgraduate
Alex Breitweiser University of Pennsylvania PhD Candidate
Anastasia Surkova
Austin Bell University of New Mexico, Department of Mathematics Graduate Student
Erick Santiago Vela Morales Escuela Politécnica Nacional Student
Ludvig Modin Stockholm University Department of Mathematics Masters student
Juan Pablo Velasquez Rodriguez Ghent University PhD Student
Nicholas Geis The Ohio State University PhD Student
Christopher J Izzo
Hou Tin Chau University of Cambridge MMath student
Liam O'Briem University of New Mexico MS Student
Nolan Winkler BA in Mathematics with Minor in Computer Science
Bishoy Kaleny Jacobs Univeristy Math departement, Germany Bachelor
Pavel Pozdeev St. Petersburg State University, department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Math program Student
Pablo Agustín Nava Vieyra Student
Matt Helton University of Washington Student
James Warta Missouri University PhD student/M.A. Mathematics
Ioanna Konovalova St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Student
Francesco Minnocci University of Pisa Undergraduate student
Koppara Philip Thomas University of Oregon Graduate Student
James Von Albade Mathematics/computer vision/machine learning
Yueh-Sheng Hsu CEREMDAE (Université Paris-Dauphine) PhD Student
Dominique Manga
Renat Abugaliev Graduate Student
Mikhail Chirkov Yaroslavl State University Student
Matthew Esmaili UCLA Mathematics Undergraduate
Eduardo Nava
Corbin Balitactac
Michael Pacocha GT Physics Student
Shayeef Murshid Indian Statistical Institute Ph.D Student
Mohit Dey Iem kolkata Student of computer science and engineering
Mohit Dey IMU Research entrepreneur cum student
Amine Ounajim University of Poitiers PhD student
Egor Voronetsky St. Petersburg State University, department of mathematics and mechanics graduate student
Sergey Stepanenko Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics specialist student, 6th year
Aizhan Issagali
Artyom Sarychev Moscow State School 1353
Carlos Maestro HU Berlin PhD student
Nadezhda Volovich California Institute of Technology PhD student in Biochem
Hany M. El-Hosseiny Cairo Universoty, Egypt
Leonid Jalilov year 2000 alumnus of the faculty of mechanics and mathematics, MSU
Jonathan Kliem Freie Universität Berlin PhD student
Andrey Rakhubovsky Palacky University in Olomouc cand. of sci.
Cody Fan UCLA Undergraduate Researcher/BS
Lukas Gohla TU Dresden PhD student
Felix Schröder Technische Universität Berlin Graduate Student
Senan Sekhon KCL Master's
Amik Raj Behera
Isabella Retter Berlin Mathematical School
Mark Gondelman NYU PhD
Guillaume trojani Heriott-Watt university Phd student
Olga Badazhkova St. Petersburg State Univeristy, department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Bruno Klingler Humboldt Universitaet Berlin, Mathematics Department PhD
Alex ZHilinskii Baikal Academy, Department of guih - THEOLOGIAN
Egor Nechaev St. Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Ilya Sapronov MIPT, Insitute of Biotechnology B. Sc. student
Kangning Wei TU BERLIN Department of Mathematics PhD student
Lucas Pannier Université Paris-Saclay
Shah Faisal Berlin Mathematical School, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany PhD
Anastasia Sofronova St. Petersburg State University, department of Mathematics and Computer Science M. Sc. student
Mara Belotti TU Berlin Phd student
Yury Shebzukhov MIPT alumnus (Faculty of Physical Chemistry and Biology) Ph.D. (cand. of sc. in biology)
Iskander Zaripov CMC Bachelor
Nicolas Parvin Student Master
Egor Yasinsky University of Basel postdoc/PhD
Amadou Bah Paris-Saclay PhD student
Agnishom Chattopadhyay Rice University Graduate Student
Riccardo Ontani SISSA PhD Student
Dmitry Fomin retired
Blaž Klinec student
Gulshat Maksyutova Ufa State Aviation Technical University Student
Tsyren Balzhanov HSE University Graduate
Andrei Bud Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin PhD Student
Mikhail Popov HSE Unioversity, Department of Mathematics
Vinayak gupta Phd student at iit madras Phd student
Nik Alexandrakis Lancaster University PhD student
Gonzalo Cao Labora MIT Graduate Student
Mira Sharf Computer Science, NRU HSE BSc student
Tatyana Kochetkova RAS candidate of sciences in biology
Jeanne Bochkova MSU biology department Graduate student
Oscar Rivero UPC PhD candidate
Jaydeep Singh Princeton PhD student
Ekaterina Mineeva HSE University Lecturer
Pavel Ushakov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics alumnus
Alexander James Clifton Emory University Mathematics Department Graduate Student
Aaron Callaghan
Gabriel Bonuccelli Heringer Lisboa University of Sao Paulo - Institute of Mathematics and Statistics Master Student
Evgenii Petrov MIET, MPTK B. Sc. student
Charles Volz University of Central Florida Undergraduate
Brian Xu
Ashvin Anand Swaminathan Princeton University PhD Student
Victor Wang Princeton University Math Department Graduate student
Joao Campos Vargas Princeton Undergraduate Student
Ryan Alweiss Princeton University PhD student
Andrei Volkov student at Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department
Denis Gorodkov
Niven Achenjang MIT Graduate Student
Nolan Miranda
Jade Lintott Stanford Math BS candidate
Dmitry Elagin ITMO University B. Sc. student
Mikhail Rechkalov ITMO University, program engineering 2nd year
Gerard Orriols Gimenez ETH Zürich PhD student
Adu Vengal UC San Diego PhD student
Anna Galakhova HSE University Math Department, auditor of Yu. S. Ilyashenko's seminars
Deewang Bhamidipati University of California, Santa Cruz Graduate Student
Sami Douba McGill University PhD Candidate
Elzbieta Polak University of Texas at Austin PhD student
Patrick Morris Freie University Berlin PhD
Joshua Zelinsky PhD
Maxim Prasolov Moscow State University Candidate of Sciences
Anastasia Kokoreva mekhmat cand. of sci.
Thomas G Stojsavljevic Jr Drexel University PhD
Joshua Hutchinson University of Cambridge Undergraduate
Ivan Trechekas St. Petersburg State University M. Sc. in Information Technology
Алексей Павлович Копылов HRL кфмн
Brian Morris Stanford University, Department of Mathematics B.S.
Sameera Vemulapalli Princeton Graduate student
Zheng Yang University of Michigan, Ann Arbor student
Татьяна Зенкевич Школа №179
Geoffrey Whittle School of Mathematics and Statistics
Tamir Hemo Caltech
Иван Ярославцев Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences PostDoc
Aleksandra Laricheva HSE University, Department of Mathematics Student
Латипов Азиз Facebook UK Master in Information Science
Paul Philippe ÉNS de Lyon - Département de mathématiques Graduate student
Дмитрий Викторович Копьев МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова механико-математический факультет к.ф.-м.н.
Дмитрий Гайфулин ИППИ РАН Кандидат физико-математических наук
Родионов Михаил Александрович ЯГПУ им. К.Д. Ушинского
Evgeniya Lagoda FU Berlin PhD student
Риздвенко Татьяна КЛ-групп
Александр Палаев Сми
Ибрагимов Петер Ильгизович НИТУ МИСиС Студент
Виктор Железнов Механико-математический факультет МГУ Студент
Белоусов Владислав Александрович hse магистр
Чабан Игорь Алексеевич СПбГУ, факультет мкн студент
Цымбал София КНУ им. Шевченко, факультет компьютерных наук и кибернетики
Михаил Левин Мехмат мгу выпускник
Dmitry Piskalov HSE Student
Ilya Vorobyev Skoltech, CDISE research scientist, PhD
Алексей Копкин ВГУВТ Студент
Georgios Kotsovolis Princeton University Math Department Ph.D student
Brendan McNally Grad Student
Matthew Stevens Stanford University, Department of Mathematics Undergraduate student
Ahmed Abdalla Undergraduate
Mikhail Opanasenko Saint-Petersburg State University Student
Vladislav Kharitonov Undisclosed according to university local regulations PhD Student
Noah Kravitz Princeton University, Department of Mathematics Graduate student
Peter Haine MIT, Department of Mathematics
Новиков Михаил Игоревич СПбГУ, МКН студент
Евстратова Яна Вадимовна BK RUS Мехмат
Ivan Kazmenko St. Petersburg State University
Евгений Купцов СПБГУ студент
Гришмановский Данила Андреевич Лаборатория непрерывного математического образования (ЛНМО)
Полина Борисова
Полина Волегова НИУ ВШЭ
Федотов Никита Антонович МФТИ
Dalit Baum
Николай Борозенец СПбГУ, факультет математики и компьютерных наук студент бакалавриата
Vasili Umerankou MSU, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Student
Михаил Михеенко МГУ, механико-математический факультет студент
Soohyun Park University of Chicago Student
Zhamilya Bilyalova
Даниил Тяпкин Высшая школа экономики, факультет компьютерных наук Стажёр-исследователь, студент
Andres Mejia University of Pennaylvania PhD student
Баиров Сафрон Всгуту Аспирант
Anna Gladkaya St. Petersburg State University Candidate of Sciences
Pratik Dahal University of Arkansas graduate student
El Hadji Yaya Tall USP, Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME)
Михаил Христофоров СПбГУ PhD
Sima Ragimova None PhD
Grigori Jasnovidov University of Lausanne PhD student
Gautam Aishwarya University of Delaware PhD student
Bidisha Roy IMPAN
Yair bleiberg Hebrew university of jerusalem, CS department Msc student
Габдрашитова Регина Ильгизовна МГПУ бакалавриат
Joseph A Neisendorfer retired Ph.D
Xinchun Ma University of Chicago Student
Thomas Hameister University of Chicago Graduate Student
Bartosz Milewski
Pascal Lehmann Technische Universität Dresden, Mathematics department student
Eitan Chatav SimSpace PhD
Toby Frager Stanford University Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Student
Doron Leonardo Grossman-Naples UIUC, Department of Mathematics PhD Candidate
James Stevens University of Chicago PhD Student
Sarah Griffith Brown University Graduate student
Juan Guzman FAMAF - UNC Ph.D student
Ana López UNAM, Dept. of Mathematics BSc
Jianxiang Chen Fudan University Undergraduate
Laurent Bucher
Artem Gureev University of Western Ontario MSc
Nikhil Shankar PhD Student
Jonathan Zhao Western University (Mathematics) MSc
Junyu li Purdue University Math B.S
Kiran Brahmatewari FIU Computer Science B.Sc. student
Samir Fridhi Loyola Marymount Umiversity Student/Bachelor’s os Science in Mathematics
Vlad Patryshev Santa Clara University
Likun Xie University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign PhD student
Nasos Evangelou-Oost UQ PhD student
Jana Rodriguez Hertz Southern University of Science and Technology
Ginot Gaël Université de Strasbourg PhD
Kent Loc Bridgewater State University Undergraduate Student
Boaz Moselle PhD
Jonathan Osinski University of Amsterdam Student
Филипп Мартыненко Алексеевич University of Texas at Dallas Neuroscience
Тихомирова Алина Александровна КВЦ Вязьмы
Carlos Zapata Carratala University of Edinburgh PhD
Hugo Cattarucci Botós University of São Paulo PhD Student
Jacob Francis Chateau
Nischay Reddy University of Toronto Student
Marcin Michorzewski University of Warsaw Student
Cailan Li Columbia University Phd Student
Ivan Chicherin механико-математический факультет МГУ аспирант
Marcin Napiórkowski University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics PhD
Mikołaj Rotkiewicz MIM UW
Alan Muniz PhD
Jaime Bruck Ripoll ufrgs, brazil phd
Harley Eades
cydara cavedon ripoll Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Jennifer Loría Sorio IMPA
Anna Liuptak KU Leuven undergraduate student
Marcin Szamotulski PhD
Tomáš Sandrini Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Physics B.Sc. student
Piotr Paradziński Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Software Engineer, M.Sc. Mathematics
Logan Christopher Grout Cornell ORIE Graduate Student
Агафонов Павел Рязанский государственный радиотехнический университет им. В.Ф. Уткина бакалавр
Dmitry Itsykson Steklov Institute at St. Petersburg Senior researcher / Ph.D.
Andrea Drago Università "La Sapienza" di Roma PhD Student
Jacopo Ulivelli La Sapienza University of Rome PhD student
David Meretzky University of Notre Dame PhD student
Aaron Kolby Thrasher University of Florida Department of Mathematics Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant
Roman Ludwik Znajek Cambridge PhD
Andrzej Kozlowski University of Warsaw Dr
Soledad López Université de Paris PhD student
Emmanuel Pedon Université de Reims, France Maitre de Conférences
Fernando Damiani Università di Roma, La Sapienza Ph.D. in Mathematic
Sarah Hephsiba Keyes-Guzmán Université Paris-Saclay MMath, PhD
Abhik Pal University of California, San Diego PhD Student
Alexandre de Sousa UFAL Pesquisador
Ruy Tojeiro Figueiredo Jr Universidade de São Paulo (São Carlos)
David Reyes Gaona Student
Zino Boisdenghien PhD Physics
אלעד קוזלוב Hebrew University PhD candidate
Grant Cairns La Trobe University
Haim Horowitz University of Toronto Postdoctoral fellow
Ryan Marshall Boston University Ph.D.
Nuno Rafael de Oliveira Bastos Department of Mathematics, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu PhD
Nikita Sopenko Caltech PhD student
Abhijeet Dutta Brac Univetsity Student
Sankhadip Chakraborty IMPA Doctoral student
Eduardo do Nascimento Marcos Universidade de São Paulo
Yakov Kononov Columbia University
Игонин Сергей Александрович Ярославский государственный университет им. П. Г. Демидова научный сотрудник, PhD
Marcos Montenegro UFMG PhD
Nikolai Edeko University of Zurich PhD student
Laís Moreira dos Santos UFV Doctorate
Katharina Kiraly University of Tübingen, Germany PhD Student
Patrick Hermle Universität Tübingen Master Student
Alexandre Madureira LNCC Senior Researcher
Kirk Moodey None
Kari Kuester PhD
Vincent Borrelli Université de Lyon Maître de conférences
Michel Thomé Smf & Ems Independant researcher
Christophe Leuridan Université de Grenoble Maître de conférences
Paolo De Donato University of Rome "La Sapienza" PhD student
Christophe Champetier Université Grenoble Alpes MCF
David Jaz Myers Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate
Hiraku Nakajima Kavli IPMU, the University of Tokyo
Antonio R. G. Garcia UFERSA Doutor em Matemática
Ihor Ohirko Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistyczny w Radomiu. Prof. dr hab. Ihor Ohirko
Luca Lombardini UWA Research fellow
Sara Checcoli Institut Fourier MCF
Wanda Niemyska Warsaw University PhD
Nermin Salepci Université de Lyon MCF
Flavia Nährlich
Maciej Próchniak
Tomas Persson Lund University Reader, President of the Swedish Mathematical Society
Alexander Reich PhD
Chad Nester Tallinn University of Technology PhD Student
Ковалев Ягуар Игоревич JK Production
Bruno Pitrus Jagiellonian University Student
Ioannis Tsouknidas National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, department of mathematics PhD candidate
Jordan Michelet Mia Laboratory PhD Student
Andrei Comăneci Technische Universität Berlin Student
Alp Müyesser FU Berlin PhD Student
Fawzy Hegab Berlin mathematical school Master's student
Yoanna Kirilova Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Student
Igor HONORE Université de Lyon Maître de conférences
Maxime Herda Inria Junior researcher
Stefan Stanisor PhD student
Anieza Maltsi Humboldt University Berlin PhD student
Sarah Hiller Free University Berlin Doctoral Researcher
Vira Raichenko Technische Universität Berlin Master student
Colin Mathias Rothgang Berlin Mathematical School, Technische Universität Berlin Master student
Ngounou Yves Aix Marseille University PhD student
Agnese Pacifico Sapienza University of Rome PhD student
Boudine Jean-Pierre
Валерий Сенотов Институт системного программирования им. В.П. Иванникова аспирант
Michael Rothgang Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany PhD student
Michel Criton enseignant retraité
Stefan Neuwirth
MEYER Martin Math department, UBFC, Besançon
Philippe Le Borgne Université Franche-Comté Maître de conférence
Юлия Кузнецова / Yulia Kuznetsova Universite Bourgogne Franche Comte Maitre de conferences
Laëtitia Kergozou de la BOESSIERE ingeneer
Olivier Bertoncini PhD
Mickael Bestard Doctorant
Giuseppe Ancona Université de Strasbourg Maître de conférences
Suzanne Schlich Université de Strasbourg PhD
jean-yves pire
James Siene Lehigh University Graduate Student
John Espacio UPLB Graduate Student
Павел Маслов НИУ ВШЭ ПМИ Бакалавр
alain thomas
Dante Jiménez Figueroa
Christian Nassau
Alessandra Cardinali UNICAM PhD student
Henri Lombardi Université de France Comté Département de Mathématiques retraité
Christine Huyghe Université de Strasbourg chercheur CNRS
Nicholas Juricic University of Connecticut Undergraduate
Zin Li Australian national university Undergraduate student
Лазарь Гутерман Матфак НИУ ВШЭ Студент
Matthew Knowles Undergraduate Student
Alexander Dubov
Jonathan Turk Arizona State University (Mathematics) Teaching Associate/PhD student
Antonio Kotsev Sofia University Bulgaria Theoretical physics BsC
Miranda Drumm B.S. applied math
Xiaohu Wang Technical University of Munich, Department of Mathematics Undergraduate student
Гриншпон Яков Самуилович Томский государственный университет, Механико-математический факультет доцент, к.ф.-м.н
Anna Fino Università di Torino
Михаил Владимирович Бацын НИУ ВШЭ к. ф.-м. н.
Branden Keck
MP Voidey
Aidan Murphy Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University PhD Student
Irit Huq-Kuruvilla UC Berkeley PhD Student
Michael Kuzmin University of Toronto MSc
Pasquale Bressi Undergraduate
Anna Maria Cherubini University of Salento
William Cooperman University of Chicago, Mathematics Department PhD student
Fabio Peluso
Gal Porat The University of Chicago PhD student
Andreea Iorga University of Chicago PhD Student
Denis Alexeyevich Kazydub MIPT Undergraduate
Marco Carfagnini PhD student
Alessio Ranallo university of Rome “Tor Vergata” - department of Mathematics PhD student
Aaron Dardik N.A Quantitative Researcher at Financial Firm
Joseph Gordon St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute junior researcher
Андрей Солынин СПбГУ ст.преподаватель
Alessandro Monguzzi Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca
Valentina Bagozzi Phd candidate
Atticus Stonestrom MMath
Natalia Netrusova Independent University of Moscow
Бенедиктова. Екатерина Учитель математики Дипломированный учитель
Michel Emery
Yander LU Université de Paris PhD student
Ourania Giannopoulou Sapienza Università di Roma, Mathematics dept. PH. D student
Emma Lepri Università La Sapienza, Rome Ph.D. student
Salvatore Stella Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Enrico Arbarello Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
Ludovic Stephan Département d'Informatique, École Normale Supérieure PhD Student
lareva sofya
Ilia Nekrasov University of Michigan PhD student
Clara Errico Università di Roma La Sapienza phd student
Tobias Columbus Universität Paderborn Postdoc
Zbigniew Leszczyński
Piotr Zarzycki University of Gdańsk, Department of Mathematics pensioner
Tomasz Jędrzejak University od Szczecin Ph.D
Benjamin Weiner Princeton University Doctoral student
Jacek Bojarski University of Zielona Gora PhD
Cristina Tagliaferri Department of Mathematics Guido Castelnuovo University of Rome "La Sapienza" PhD student
Konrad Nosek AGH University of Science and Technology PhD
Sonia Choy Undergraduate
Ilya Baykalov MSU
Carlos Vinuesa IES Manuel Elkin Patarroyo High School Teacher
Roszkowksa-Lech Barbara Warsaw University of Technology PhD
Tatiana Sworowska PhD
Екатерина Александровна Волошинова СПбГУ, МКН
Adyan Dordzhiev HSE, department of Mathematics student
Frédérique Ochs
Viktor Nemytov
Елена Венгерова
Вадим Назаров Мехмат МГУ (выпускник) Кфмн
Сергей Алексеевич Зверев адвокат РОКА им. Д.П. Баранова
Александр Вениаминович Бечин МФТИ ФФКЭ
Грибова Галина Игоревна Частные уроки
Бағдаров Есболат Әлібекұлы Университет им Халел Досмухамедова г. Атырау Казахстан Магистр
Sergey Korsakov Омский государственный университет. Институт математики и информатики.
Mikhail Lev Martlet AM/Moscow State University, UCLA Principal Researcher and Trader/M.A.
Дубовиков Максим Сергеевич Математик/системный программист
Anna Karpukova экономист, Иркутск математик-экономист
Гомбоева Лидия Викторовна Всгуту К.филос.н
Машарский Станислав СПбГУ, Мат-Мех Магистр
Степанов Виктор Сергеевич Мегапьютер Интеллидженс Разработчик
Евгений Ревис пенсионер
Малышева Елена Ивановна пенсионер
Balarka Sen Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Student
Pijush Pratim Sarmah Indian statistical institute bangalore Student
Sayantan Mondal Student Bmath Sophomore
Татьяна Соловьёва Репетитор
Илья Белкин КОРУС Консалтинг Руководитель ИТ-проектов
Pablo Bhowmik Indian Statistical Institute Graduate student
Rathindra Nath Karmakar Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Student
Поздняков Эдуард Николаевич ООО "Децима" кандидат технических наук
Pranav Krishna Indian Statistical Institute Bachelor
Sabyasachi Mukherjee Tata institute of fundamental research
Harshul Khanna Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Undergraduate
Shahnaz Shamim Indian Statistical Institute Student
Rashmi Konnur Indian Statistical Institute Student
Praveen Kumar Bmath 2nd year
Савалина Виктория Дмитриевна URFU
Владимир Матвеев Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena Профессор
Anna Zhigun QUB Lecturer
Александр Дёмин МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана, факультет ФН доцент, кандидат физ-мат наук
Yuhan Jiang Harvard University graduate student
Daymon Frisson United Bakeries AS Пекарь
Sree Akshaya Bachelor of Mathematics Student
Sree Akshaya Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Bachelor of Mathematics Student
Krijn Reijnders Radboud University Promovendus
Anish Ghosh TIFR
Рамис Максютов Частная компания
Anupam Nayak Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Undergraduate
Victor Amelkin Amazon.com PhD, Research Scientist
Praveen Kumar Indian Statistical Institute Student
Amitakshar Biswas SMU, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore B.Math (Hons.)
Муравьева Марина Владимировна Тюменской государственный университет, математический факультет
Slawomir Kolodziej Jagiellonian University, Department of Mathematics
Lutovinov Sergey BMSTU Student
Варвара Цурко Вмк мгу Ктн
Harshita Patnaik
Halszka Tutaj-Gasinska Jagiellonian University dr hab
Елена Николаевна Путятина НИ Томский государственный университет, ММФ Доцент, к. ф.-м. н
Artur Fortuna AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Department of Discrete Mathematics
Konstantin Golubev ETH Zürich Postdoctoral Researcher / Ph.D.
Павел Губкин Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет, факультет математики и компьютерных наук Бакалавр
Eivind Otto Hjelle Northwestern University PhD student
Adam Holeman Northwestern University PhD Student
Stephan Snegirov NU PhD student
Торлопов Данила Александрович Мехмат МГУ Студент
Mingyuan Hu Northwestern Graduate student
Лиза Николаева MOSKVAG
Junxiao Wang Northwestern University Ph.D. Student
Анастасия Вахрина СПбГУ, МКН студент магистратуры
Балтабаев Павел Матфак ВШЭ
Алексей Николаев Механико-математический факультет МГУ Студент
Павел Колгушкин кандидат физико-математических наук
Gordeev Nikita Lomonosov State University, Moscow, faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Student
Евгений Сотский к.ф.-м.н
Nilay Kumar Northwestern University Math Department PhD student
Ian Le ANU Lecturer/PhD
Matthias Aschenbrenner
Kata Sebök University of Vienna PhD student
Luca Rossi CNRS-EHESS researcher
Zdzislaw Wisniowski Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Monika Dörfler Department of Mathematics, University of Vienna
Tobias Beran University of Vienna, Institute for Mathematics Prae-Doc
Elia Portnoy MIT Graduate student
Aránzazu San Ginés Ruiz B.S. in Mathematics
Андрей Максимов Percona LLC программист, математик
Golda Velez Caltech AMa
Mattia Coloma Università di Roma Tor Vergata PhD Student
Наталия Стрелкова Школа 179 к.ф.-м.н.
Вера Кочина МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова, мехмат выпускница
Тогжан Магрумова ФизМат
Маслов Даниил Студент МГУ, мехмат
Арсений Кряжев мехмат МГУ аспирант
Эрика Владимировна Гросфельд МФТИ аспирант
Konstantin Latkin PhD
Геннадий Гафаров Москва канд. физ.-мат. наук
Quang Viet Le King's Maths School
Dragos Fratila Universite de Strasbourg Maitre de Conferences
Diego Millan Berdasco Queen Mary University of London PhD candidate
Manuel Soriano Trigueros PhD student
Julio Narciso Argota Quiroz Queen Mary university of london PhD Student
Alexander Yom Din Hebrew University PhD
Sergey Korensky Master of Science
Даниил Рогозин ИППИ РАН аспирант
Bilal Aytekin Bogazici University Undergraduate
Дмитрий Гаджиев МФТИ Аспирант
Sam Linderoth Stockholm University Mathematics student
Connor Paul Wilson University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Research Fellow
Берлин Андрей Сергеевич НИУ ВШЭ, факультет математики Студент
Roger Van Peski MIT (mathematics) PhD student
Скорюкина Наталья Сергеевна ФИЦ ИУ РАН специалист, инженер-математик
Alexander Glazman University of Vienna Universitätsassistent
Baybulatov Rinat Uralovich Spbu Bachelor
Sergey Dmitriev Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS Senior Researcher
Rinat Baybulat St. Petersburg State University Bachelor
Khalili Françon Elisabeth Université de Strasbourg ex-Maître de Conférences
Laura manning
Petr Paščenko MFF UK Prague alumnus
Alexander Magazinov
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay Directeur de recherche émérite
Konstantin Ryutin mekhmat, MSU researcher
Jack Sempliner PrincetonUniversuty
Jack Sempliner Princeton University Graduate Student
Daniel Bertrand Sorbonne Universite Professor
Akhil Mathew University of Chicago/Clay Mathematics Institute Postdoc
Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler University of Saarland/Dept. of mathematics Professor emeritus
Meyer Daniel University of Paris, Sophie Germain retired
Максим Арнольд University of Texas at Dallas кфмн
Caterina Vâlcu Ecole polytechnique, CMLS postdoc
Marie-Francoise ROY Université de Rennes 1 professor emerita
Victor Turchin Kansas State University Full Professor, PhD
Christian Peskine IMJ-PRG, Sorbonne University Professor Emeritus
Wolfgang Bock TU Kaiserslautern Senior Lecturer
Самосюк Никита Сергеевич ПетрГУ, прикладная математика и информатика
Escofier Université Rennes 1 MdC
Guillaume Chauvet ENSAI, Department of Statistics Assistant Research Professor
Akbar Erkinov Jacobs University Student
Boris Chorny University of Haifa (Oranim) Senior lecturer
Christopher Deninger University of Muenster (Germany) Full professor/Dr.
Mark Saul Ph.D.
Ruben J Tomlin Imperial College London Postdoctoral Research Associate
Zhongxia Yang Nanjing Normal University, Department of Physics Associate Professor
Yachong Yang University of Pennsylvania, Statistics Department PhD Student
Eric Vasserot University of Paris Professor
Denys Pommeret Aix Marseille University Full Professor
Jean-Pierre Olivier professeur retraité
Jan Hogendijk Department of Mathematics, Utrecht University Professor
Simon Lovell Bart University of Ottawa Department of Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate Student
Uğur GÜL Hacettepe University Associate Prof. Dr.
Ksenia Shakhgildyan Bocconi University Postdoc
Zoe Chatzidakis CNRS - ENS (DMA)
Владислав Спбгу, мкн Студент
Elizaveta Rebrova UCLA Assistant Adjunct Professor
Daniel Szabo UW Madison Masters student
Ryan Kinser University of Iowa, Mathematics Associate Professor
Adam Kozielski University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland Student
Vladimir Romanovsky VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation Software developer
Valerian Mahdi Pratama Department of Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Martin Henk Technische Universität Berlin Professor
Назия Гафурова Кгу мехмат
Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis Aix-Marseille University Researcher
Serge Gorchinskiy Steklov Mathematical Institute Doctor of sciences
Sergey Gorchinskiy Steklov Mathematical Institute Doctor of sciences
Franco Cazzaniga Università dell'Insubria Professor
Pavel Tumarkin Durham University Associate Professor
Gongwang Yan IASTU, Tsinghua University PhD student
Marco PORTA Ph.D.
Ксения Аналитик данных Аналитик данных
Никита Мишин Saint Petersburg State University Студент
Марат КФУ научный сотрудник
Soulé Christophe IHES Directeur de Recherches émérite
Etienne Ghys CNRS / ENS Lyon / Academie des sciences Senior researcher
Jeanne Parreau Université de Lille retraitée
MARMIER Anne-Marie
Joshua Mundinger University of Chicago, Mathematics Ph.D. student
Звагельский Михаил к.ф.м.н.
David Marcil Columbia University Ph.D. Student
Барашков Владимир Николаевич Другой телеком
Joseph Helfer Stanford University PhD student
Ipsita Datta Mathematics department, Stanford University PhD student
Joseph Wheat
Victor Gorsky-Mochalov St. Petersburg State University graduate student in legal studies
Pavel Kalinin Yandex Engineer
Aleksandra Nozdrina University of Kansas Graduate student
Anastasia Prosina Stellar Amenities Space Architect, Founder & CEO
Aleksandra Sokolova Stanford University Student
Marty Noel Chenyao
Kristina Andreyeva
Sai Kiran Parre Engineer
Raleigh Illgen
Elena Lobova Architecture and Design Institute at Siberian Federal University Student
Laurène Delsupexhe Engineer
Vladislav Lazarev HSE University
TImur Gazimov
Geliya Chukmarova
Rimma Akramovna Galeyeva retired
Daniil Bobrovsky Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Moscow State University
Marc Angelo Acebedo
Elena Kudryavtseva
Leisan Garipova - magin
Daria Saitkulova
Alena Dedkovskaya
Ekaterina Motyleva St. Petersburg State University of Economics B.Sc. student
Alexey Drozhdev Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Student
Alexandra Evgrafova
Valentina Petrova Lomonosov Moscow State University, department of chemistry student
Nargiza Mukhametyanova Ufa State Aviation Technical University, faculty of general science
Marco Gramatica Queen Mary University of London PhD student
Oleg Shchepin Komarov Botanical Institute senior researcher
Alexandra Chaplygina
Igor Argunov JSC Mosgiprotrans Head of department
Maurizio Mostacci
Elena Trukhova research institute
Anna Bessmertnaya S.S. Alekseev Private Law Research Centre Master of Laws
Elizaveta Finkelberg Moscow State University, Department of Geography B.Sc.
Maria Demidova HSE University, Computer Science department, Tinkoff bank
Lidiia Silkina
Marina Lukyanets Council of Deputies, Troparyovo-Nikulino district of Moscow
Leah Sayre
Anastasia Konopleva Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University, School of Psychology and Pedagogy student
Alisa Rubtsova Lomonosov Moscow State University
Daria Gaidar HSE University in St. Petersburg, Law School
Valeria Demidko Russian Foreign Trade Academy
Darya Matyashova department of foreign relations Student
Alisa Devyashina Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
Polina N HSE University, Department of Humanities
NICOLAS NAUD-LLAMAS Maîtrise BDE mathématiques
laure choain
Azat Garaev Lomonosov Moscow State University B.Sc. student
Dmitrii Tikhonenko Universitat Pompeu Fabra PhD student
Uliana Babina Litovchin Humanities Institute for Television and Radio Student
Nina Speransky Free University of Berlin M.A.
Daria Motora Lomonosov MSU student
Stanislav Yudin Great Russian Encyclopedia, Military History Branch Candidate of Sciences
Darya Belova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology
Anna Gorskaya N.F. Fedorov Library
Dmitry Petelin Lomonosov Moscow State University B.Sc. student
Denis Pashchenko PhD
Yegor Kolesnikov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology M.Sc.
Maria Menshikova Ruhr-Universität Bochum PhD student
Mikhail Belakovsky NES Student
Anna Okhronchuk Pushkin Institute Student
Kishmar Mykola Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies Graduate student
Antony Zhilkin
Igor Gotlib St. Petersburg State University, Chemistry Institute candidate of sciences in chemistry
Abdullaeav Umsalimat MSU student
Dmitrii Samoilov
Marina Obraztsova Re traiding
Adil Bayzhumanov Department of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University PhD
Irina Yatsenko
Igor Vaiman MSU master graduate
Kamil Khamidullin Russian State University of Justice
Vasily Zagrebin Moscow State University Graduate Student
Mariia Safronova William and Mary Law School J.D. candidate
Elena Pateeva Russian State University for the Humanities M.Sc. student
Ivan Loktev Moscow State University Bachelor, Global Studies
Artem Yunusov Institute of Philosphy RAS research fellow
Alisa Ganieva A writer
Sergei Pashakhin HSE University, Department of Sociology PhD student
Rinat Yafarov
Talgat Ospanov Master
Ilia Uchitel Universität Jena PhD Candidate
Arkham Grundy
Olga Simonova Gorky Institute of World Literature Candidate of Sciences in Philology
Yulia Khalikova Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences researcher\graduate student
Vladimir Belyashov
Alexey Zhurbitskiy intern researcher
Mira Tay HSE University M.Sc.
Egor Elnitsky European University at St. Petersburg, Sociology department Graduate student
Anton Kukhto MIT, Linguistics & Philosophy graduate student
Ekaterina Grishnyakova chickadee hostel
Vasilisa Pozharskaya graduate student, MSU faculty of chemistry
Kseniya Tsiulia University of Warsaw, Oriental Studies master
Alisa Syrbu Universität Wien B. Sc. student
Yaroslav Savin
Tatiana Kliueva Lomonosov Moscow State University student
Tetyana Onopa Kharkiv National University student
Boris Mokin Saratov Polytechnic Institute, Department of Electronics and Instrument Engineering engineer
Constantine Gorbunov Software Engineer
Anastasia Berezovskaya Tomsk State University Library Librarian
Angelina Pogosian
Lyubov Sytenko Premium Consulting Ltd. Analyst
Alexandra Keremetskaya psychologist
Elena Krasilschikova retired
Daria Shevchenko Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Tyumen State University
Ilya Kuzmichyov department of geology, Moscow State University B. Sc. student
Alyona Kuleshova Ural State University of Physical Culture
Natalia Gaidideeva Wildberries software developer
Evgeniy Kaduk RANEPA Head of the information administration group
Maria Semenyuk Software Engineer
Xenia Prokofieva
Yana Filatova "ET" Ltd.
Anastasia Deyneka Stavropol State Medical University attending physician
Vitaly Zemlyansky Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography alumnus
Daria Komyagina HSE University, Department of Humanities alumna
Boris Kovarsky Engineer
Adla-Jeanne Hussein Retired
Vadim Nezhelsky
Anna Madni RANEPA PhD Student
Sarghylaana Khabarova electrical engineering department
Marina Schukova St. Petersburg State University, Institute for Philosophy M. Sc.
Sergey Sokolov Yandex Developer
Xenia Gogolkina
Niyozmo Amadbekova
Olga Belchenko Moscow State University, history department graduate
Valentin Panfyorov Russian State University for Humanities B.Sc. student
Maria Starun HSE
Chekhova Darya The 10th Minsk City Clinical Hospital MD, internal medicine
Melnikova Tatiana
Natalia Kolyagina International Memorial, Moscow
Anastasia Neustroeva
Nikita Pronko Engineer
Ekaterina Grishitsyna MSU
Anastasia Burstein Novaya Shkola
Alexandra Barysheva Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University graduate student
Ivanova Alina HSE, Psychology
Olga Kresova
Daria Erofeeva Russian State Library Librarian
Anastasia Zabalueva self-employed
Olenev Maxim Pavlovich Higher School of Economics Student
Polina Bogaichuk Tomsk National Research Center for Medicine
Alexandr Loginov PhD
Anna Lugovtseva Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry student
Eduard Abashev Russian New University, law school
Sophia Tokareva Siberian Institute of Control, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Anastasia Krasnikova Herzen University, institute of psychology stundent
Konstantin Rybkin ITMO University Student
Ilya Mamichev
Vasilina Krasnogir Kaliningrad State Technical University student
Anastasia Kanunnikova Belarusian State University, Chemistry department Graduate student
Ekaterina Malygina Freie Universität Berlin Master Student
Olesya Tinkova HSE University Alumna
Aigyul Safari Russian State Social University B.Sc. student
Anastasia Katamaranova Vologda State University
Anastasia Rakhimbekova Charles University, PřF student
Ani Davtian Russian-Armenian University, law school graduate student
Anna Bushueva Moscow State University, faculty of philology B.Sc. student
Stankevich Elona
Varvara Brussueva University of Helsinki, Russian language department B.Sc.
Julia Gousseva
Elizaveta Laletina Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University
Ekaterina Dagkesamanskaya Skoltech M.Sc.
Christina Spiridonova
Anna Ivleva Moscow School of Social and Economic Science, department of History of Soviet Civilization
Anastasia Vorobeva
Darya Shibasova HSE University, Department of Humanities B. Sc.
Lena Chzhao Student
Arina Mekhryakova HSE at St. Petersburg, department of design student
Kari Ai Math
Sergey Kottsov Lomonosov Moscow State University Master student
Darya Kuzmina Tyumen State University
Valeria Kolmogorova ITMO University M.Sc.
Elizaveta Pastukhova
Daria Maksimova Pushkin Leningrad State University, department of mathematics and informatics Student
Yulia Barsukova Università IUAV di Venezia Master student
Varvara Popova HSE NRU student
Margarita Bondarko
Anastasia Piątek Bachelor in Russian language and literature
Andrey Danilin «вторая навигация» ltd. graduate
Murat Jumashev B12 Software Engineer
Alla Kasian graduate
Oksana Omelyanenko businesswoman none
Yulia Doroshchenok HSE University Student
Pavel Egorkin
Tatiana Likhanova journalist at Novaya Gazeta
Maya Ozhiganova M.Sc.
Alexandra Fedorova Moscow State University M.Sc.
Anna Fyodorova Lomonosov Moscow State University student
Dariya Andreevna Shumilova Moscow State University Student
Ilya Khromov System administrator
Anastasia Shibanova
Olga Bortnikova University of Southern Queensland Bachelor
Ruslan Sanakoev HSE University, department of psychology student
Dmitry Podoprosvetov self-owned business owner
Aleksander Autina
Timur Mustafin Innopolis University
Lyudmila Romanova St. Petersburg State University, Department of Sociology Student
Alan Bouwman Currently working towards a BS in mathematics
Ruslan Shakirov Innopolis University, computer science department Student
Emanuele Frigo
Marina Mitaleva
Kristoffer Kulju
Maria Baboshkina BHSAD Student
Yulia Kireeva Southern Federal University, Institute of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural communications B. Sc. student
Dmitry Karelin
Polina Berdieva Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci B. Sc. student
David Grimes Graduate student Physics
Erick López Reynoso Undergrad
Richard Silva Costa Federal University of ABC PhD Student
Tarik Gul Software Engineer / Lover of Cryptography
Noah Leslie High School Student
Tony Tran University of Leeds Architecture student
Mikhail Mahamood
Abhilash Mathews Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD Candidate
Truls Bjørkli Kristiansen NTNU Student
Dafydd Lloyd-Evans
Sara Jimenez
Bobby Jones
Jake Ruotolo University of Central Florida Mathematics student
Lars Winkel
Logan Wooldridge High School Math Teacher
Oliver Tan
Nicolás Samanez Cruzate
Sergey Tselovalnikov Canva
Albert Ming Wei High school student 9th grader freshman
bela tapperson
Vivek Kuntal
Josh Funelas Student
Nemo Bondt TU Delft Student
Michael Milo New York University Graduate
Anthony Matos University of Florida BS
Arpan Das
Seth Ferrell
Gautham Sathish
Carter woodson
Viktoria Stasyulevich Tomsk State University M. Sc.
Michael Astwood University of Waterloo Undergraduate student
Adi Agarwal UCLA Undergraduate
Anthony Morin
Jesse Purice Arizona State University Undergraduate Student
Will Slatton
Arbash Nazeer
Bernardus Johannes Greeff
Oleg Salmanov Digital analytics center Senior analyst
Sandeep Madireddy
Miras Safadi
Shelwin Sunga Student
Dmitry Maksimenko HSE University/Sociology Student
Dmitry Skrylnikov Vigo Software Engineer
Denis Kopylov X5 retail group Android developer
Viktor Orera high school
Anastasia Loginova
Xenia Melenchuk IN School Teacher
Arseny Belousov Technion - Israel institute of technology Bachelor’s degree
Joost ouweneel
Artem Sindalovsky Saint Petersburg Polytechnic university, Department of engineering and construction M. Sc.
Olga Stogova High school graduate
Dmitry Vyatkin ITMO University, Informatics and Numerical Engineering Student
Chiara Di Sano University of Pisa Student (Bachelor)
Artem Petrov Saint Petersburg Polytechnic university, Higher School of Program Engineering
Yulia Molchanova
Yaroslav Kuznetsov HSE University in St. Petersburg master studnet
Justin Allen
Irina Orlova HSE University, Department of Humanities Student
Alexander Straub Baker Tilly Russia Senior auditor
Marco Dassie Università di Padova
Sophia Kuriliuk Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Department of Cinema and TV direction
Pete Castaglione
Gustun Sergey Bachelor
Shaqib Ridwan Khan
Luke Z Undergraduate Student
Elena Pukita "Vash repetitor"
Adrian Ş. Vrămuleț Eindhoven University of Technology Undergraduate student
Neil Kalnins-Goode University of Bristol Physics Undergraduate
Leonardo Cucinotta
Danil Gugunava Informzaschita
Nguyen Hoang Trung
Matteo Rossi
David Reis
Maksim Sysoyenkov Belarusian State University, department of chemistry Student
Friedrich Behrens
Anton Gerasimenko Intelecom Line leading programmer
Akash Raj G P Indian Institute of Science Undergraduate
Alex Filippov New Economic School student
Francis Shuman Entropy & Sons Chief Scientist
Brandon Bogart Rodriguez Fellow scientist at heart PharmD (Pharmacist)
Christoph Schmidtmeier Student
Nicholas A. Orsini Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
Mathis Duguin -
Lorenzo Catani Student
Noah Himed Undergraduate Student/Electrical Engineering
Filippo Volpe Physics Student
R. Gayathri
jurian bijman structural engineer HBO
Asaf Harel student
Aelita Nogovitsina
Ksenia Popova M. Sc. in history
Marina Malykh Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Institute of Biology and Biomedicine student
Polina Filetkina Ogarev Mordovia State University, Foreign languages department
Nikki Weststeijn Master student
Montgomerie Wren Imperial College London Theoretical physics student
Alexei Gulyaev Moscow State University, department of physics Student
Naïs Bouyer
Varvara Pavlenko Marketing and Social Informational Technology Institute
Elena Shushakova
Olga Fufaeva
Timothée Vasina Student
mohamed amine mejri Physics student Masters degree
Navarun Jain UC Berkeley
Helmi Bouali mechanical engineering
nidhal ouslati engineer
Anna Schetnikova HSE University, Department of Humanities B. Sc. student
Nicholas Pini Bachelor's degree in Physics
Meriem Moussaoui reseacher
Giuseppe Capasso Computer engineer
Elena Egorova Artplant Ltd.
Emelyanenko Igor Olegovich Lomonosov Moscow State University Student
Riadh marzouki
RACHIDI Saâd École nationale supérieure d'arts et métiers M.Sc.Eng Student
Kareem Abdelkader
imer pursik PhD
Marina Borisova Live koulu
Vitaly Kuzmin freelance
Karina Lipatova
Stathis Vitouladitis University of Amsterdam PhD student
Anastasia Shivalina
Anna Etkina MSU Arts Department Student
Truc Le
Keenan evans Concerned citizen
Maria Fedorenko Studienkolleg Munich Student
Vlada Antamoshkina - -
Maria Tarnovskaya Enterprise College 11
Abel Shiferaw Ga Tech Physics Undergraduate
Alexander Ethan George-Kennedy Georgia Institute of Technology Student
Nadezhda Boglai Far Eastern Federal University, Eastern Institute Student
Katerina Savitskaya RUDN University B. Sc.
Olga Zvereva Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University Student
Griffin Allensis
Elizaveta Prokopieva
Olive Pedraza
Matthew Chambers
Nathan Nelson
Veronika Novikova Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology
Natalia Khayrova
Chan Ka Hei N/A Bachelor of Science HKU
Anastasia Grigorieva Kosygin University, Department of Automatics and Technology Student
Anna Mezhova St. Petersburg State University, department of history
Natalia Mezentseva
Roman Pokoy - -
Esther Petrack
Alexandra Astaskevich Russian State Geological Prospecting University
Alena Milyushina Erkapharm Ltd.
Alina Zakharova International Institute of the Market student
Vladimir Kim
Anfisa Uvarova Russian State University for Humanities, History Department
Alexandra Gazarova Sochi Art College, orchestric strings
Elena Chebannaya householder
aymen fatnassi
Vasily Vyatkin
Danil Yakovlev
Soham Chatterjee
Maggie Huili Yao
Mikhail Kokorin school student
Helena Perez-Stark The University of Chicago Student
Egor Kolotvin Bauman Moscow State Technical University M. Sc./graduate student
Subhroneel Ghosh
Faraz Yousuf NED University of Engineering and Technology Grad Student
Reyn Skyler Murasaki Supermozg School
Μικέλα Λοΐζου
Saleh Hamza Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BSc in Engg (ongoing)
Elena Ivacheva Infant Orphanage of Königsberg Oblast
Abid Hossain
Nikita Popov Russian State University of Cinematography, department of general stage management
Karina Kordyukova Shechter Institute
Elizaveta Skugarevskaya Moscow State University, Department of Biology studen
Vladislav Nigmatullin Alumnus of Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute and New Economic School, taught at RUDN University and New Economic School
Natalia Bogdanova Freelancer
Vadim Kuznetsov Ilya Ulyanov State Pedagogical University Student
Polina Rustamova Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Ivan Sokolov Università degli Studi di Padova student
Anirban Mondal Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science
Yuri Lapshin Moscow State School 57 Psychologics
Olga Schekaleva Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology
Anton Bas St. Petersburg State University Student
Daria Deren Moscow Polytechnic University Alumna
Nadezhda Sergeeva Chemistry dept
Lada Bakal Mel
Syed Ammar
Frederik Mols
Viktoria Makarova
Krsto Proroković Università della Svizzera italiana, Department of Informatics PhD Student
Alisha Bicknell Nursing Student
Anna Shevchenko self-employed B. Sc.
Arianna gardoni Student
Natalia Mityushina cand. of sc. in medicine
Sara Paris Politecnico di Milano Student
Amirah Mannan
Elena Zaputryaeva householder
Tatyana Mikhailova Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Ph.D.
Arianna Pelucchi
Eugene Pavlov
Galina Miroshnichenko
Fares Gargouri Technische Universität München BSc
وعد عوالي École de santé université centrale Tunisie Student
Sharon Dragone
Konstantin Yanyushkin State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping Graduate student
Madeleine Sutherland MIT Chemistry PhD candidate
Evgeny Burmistrov
Raymundo Ramirez de la Rosa Engeenering
Katya Zhavoronkova HSE (Communication, Media and Design Department/International Center of Anthropology, School of History, Faculty of Humanities) student/junior researcher
Sergey Mazhartsev Moscow State University for Humanities and Economy student
Arunabh Ashraf
Yash Akhauri Intel Research Scientist
Sofya Semyonova
Anna Stebleva
Daniil Mikheev Kryvyi Rih National University
Sean Glover UCCS Bachelors in mechanical engineering
Alena Gorbuntsova MSU, economics dept
Lyudmila Savelyeva
Ekaterina Kozlova ITEP Graduate student
Alexei Kurchavy Evseviev Mordovia State Pedagogical University, Department of Arts Education student
Dmitry Larionov MSU, Faculty of Material Sciences engineer
Maksim Fedurkin University of Electronic Technology
Konstantin Cossack free
nawras saidi electrical engineering
Lyubov Lyoga HSE, philology alumna (B. Sc.)
Ivan Boichenko Moscow State University, department of chemistry Student
Vera Motyleva
Xenia Rostotskaya free artist
Alina Polyakova European University at St. Petersburg Master's
Semyon Matveev MIPT, Department of Aeromechanics Student
Andrey shutovsky '5+2' Cafe specialist, psychologist
Bryan Quah Cedars Sinai Researcher
Anastasia Aleksandrova ITMO University, bioengineering, applied optics 2nd year student
Alexei Gavrilov ITMO University, Faculty of Informational Technology and Programming Student
Vladislav Gaas ITMO University, Faculty of Robotics Student
Sergei Solov student
Alexander Sabadash Voronezh State University, Department of Computer Science B. Sc.
Aamnah Khalid Stanford University B.S. Mathematics
Anna Hamilton cand. of sci. in economics
Daniil Yashin ITMO University Student
Arseny Roerich Herzen University student
Margaret DeWind
Ostap Vasilenko Tomsk Polytechnic University, School of Material Sciences B. Sc.
Daniil Mironov RUDN University, Department of Ecology Student
Jorge Medina Student Undergraduate
Jacob Cohen
Gabriel Gaster Google Senior Software Engineer
Марков Антон Александрович МГУ Аспирант
Шишмарев Алексей Александрович ИСЭ СО РАН, Томск научный сотрудник, кандидат физ.-мат. наук
Мусин Айбулат Маратович МГУ, физический факультет Студент
Сергей Исаенко ПАО "Машиностроительный завод" Инженер
Ivan Devlikamov
Морозов Иван Александрович НИУ ВШЭ, факультет компьютерных наук Бакалавр
Ирина Александровна Столярова
Першин Андрей Александрович Самарский филиал ФИАН им. П.Н.Лебедева Младший научный сотрудник
Репин Даниил МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана студент
Андрей Сергеевич Шаповаленко КНИТУ-КАИ СПО ИКТЗИ КИТ
Акользин Иван Олегович Hobby Games
Дмитрий Вячеславович Смирнов Ооо ФПА
Ирина Балицкая Бакалавр по экономике
Шергунов Евгений Викторович Юридическая компанич
Михаил Юрьевич Текучев St Andrews University
Николай Пугачёв НГЛУ, Переводческий факультет
Степанов Данил Александрович Томский Государственный Университет Бакалавр философии
Тананыка Станислав Волгту Бакалавр
Шелемех Иван Анатольевич МТС Либертарианство
Igor Konovalov EPAM systems Lead Software Engineer
Волокитин Андрей Николаевич Фрилансер
Григорьев Алексей Михайлович ИТМО, факультет БИТ
Ибраков Азат Align technology Python Developer
Большаков Вадим
Алексей Меньщиков
Леонид Грона
Irina Bolotova ETH Zurich PhD
Елена Вузман Биологический факультет МГУ Бакалавр
Кошовский Тимур Сергеевич МГУ, Географический факультет Кандидат географических наук
Меркульев Иван -
Лукин Андрей Михайлович безработный
Федеев Виктор Федорович
Зайкина Елена Евгеньевна Банк России Ведущий экономист
Александр Николаевич Волокитин
Виктор Кузнецов
Баламирзоев Шарван-Шах Георгиевич РГАУ-МСХА им. Тимирязева
Евгений Юрьевич Ненаглядов ИП, веб-разработчик
Кутянов Владислав ВШЭ аспирант
Arseniy Filippov Moscow Architectural Institute Student
Соколов Иван Андреевич ЯрГУ, студент 1 курса, факультет биологии и экологии нету
Василевич Сергей Исторический факультет КФУ Студент
Роз Тимофей Экономический факультет МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова Студент 3 курса бакалавриата
Дмитрий Лапшин JetBrains Бакалавр программист
Gailit Roman NSTU
Шарков Александр Ильич -
Evgenii Pavlovich
Дарья Косоватова МГУ им. Ломоносова Бакалавр
Siergiej Karnawski
Анна Митина
Аманова Юлия Евгеньевна
Елена Мурашова
Розовский Даниил Энверович ИП РГГУ Студент
Шинкарук Любовь Владимировна МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова бакалавр
Alexandra Shishkina
Файнберг Вероника НИУ ВШЭ, ФГН Бакалавр
Елизавета Дружинина
Харитонова Алена Олеговна ТГУ
Иван Воронин МГУ студент
Timur Rakhimberdiev
Александр Шестаков Москва, мц аувд
Дыдочкин Алексей Юрьевич
Ковальчук Кирилл Денисович Rotterdam School of Management
Глеб Струнников Международный Мемориал
Мария Литичевская СПбГУ, Медицинский факультет
Треглазов Владислав Александрович
Владислав Анойкин Антонович
Андрей Комиссаренко Job
Нагибина Елизавета Андреевна Фитнес клуб Xfit
Роман Мельник
Maxim Galkin Uppsala universitet Researcher/PhD
Рогалев Кирилл СПбГУ, физфак студент магистратуры
Ковалев Дмитрий Алексеевич Безработный, Самообразование
Милюков Илья Юрьевич Сфера общественного питания Юрист
Жданов Сергей
Сергей Шпилевой
Shefov Vladimir
Тонконоженко Евгений Александровис Безработный
Валерий Черепанов Google Software Engineer
Сергеев Владислав Санкт-Петербургский государственный электротехнический университет «ЛЭТИ» имени В. И. Ульянова (Ленина) Студент
Майсак Олег Сергеевич Самозанятый
Astaev Juriy СПбГЭУ Аналитик
Егор Александрович Жуков АО МАКДЭЛ-Технологии Технический директор
Ворончихин Егор Каренович ФПМИ МФТИ Студент бакалавриата
Морозов Павел Александрович РГАУ-МСХА им. К.А. Тимирязева студент
Шишлов Игорь Сергеевич Даблби
Нозик Александр Павлович разнорабочий из Алушты бывш. член Либертарианской партии России
Останин Денис Станиславович МГППУ, социальная коммуникация
Рыжков Владислав Олегович
Daan Mulder University of Amsterdam BSc Mathematics & Computer Science, Logic Year graduate
Ростислав Василихин Intel
Ниникашвили Лаура Дмитриевна Алгонквин Колледж, Компьютерная Инженерия
Григорьев Василий Геннадьевич
Иван Аладышкин
Иван Кузнецов ПГНИУ
Рабинович Андрей Ильич
Лоскутов Михаил Андреевич
Мария Алексеева КФУ
Землянников Никита НПК "Технологический центр"
Гаврилин Александр Дмитриевич МФТИ ФПМИ студент бакалавриата
Дмитрий Исаев Veeam Software
Сергеев Александр Валерьевич Мгу физический факультет Студент
Евгений Попов Фотограф
Ксения Кириллевич МГУ им. Ломоносова Бакалавр
Анастасия Шаульская
Максим Максимов Предприниматель
Andres Klene-Sanchez Oxford Mathematical Institute Undergraduate
Соколовский Матвей Ильич Факультет гуманитарных наук НИУ ВШЭ Бакалавр
Светлана Горшкова
Анна Рокитянская Пенсионер
Князев Денис Викторович
Viktoria Markova Faculty of history, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Student
Артём Корнев Фриланс
Олейников Егор владимирович Самозанятый
Степанов Сергей Викторович АО «УСЗ» Бакалавр
Александра Токарева Музей и Институт Зоологии Польской Академии Наук, Варшава PhD студент
Nina Pashkova Неработающий пенсионер, инвалид 2 гр.
Казорин Никита Сергеевич
Anastasia Votinova
Ерофеева Ирина Анатольевна МГУ Бакалавр
Никулин Никита 98 школа
Януш Христорождественский Мпгу Бакалавр ин яза
Сергей Зеленовский
Листков Артём Павлович
Емельянов Владимир Михайлович ГБУЗ СОКОД
Сащенко Денис Владимирович МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана, факультет Робототехники и комплексной автоматизации Старший преподаватель
Михаил Богословский ГАУГН Бакалавр
Зинкин Никита Юрьевич Лицей
Пермякова Мария
Анастасия Фефелова
Dmitrii Novichkov HSE Equity Research
Тартыжов Алексей АлтГПУ, ЛИИН
Попов Владимир Владимирович РАНХиГС бакалавр
Максим Николаевич Скрипниченко НИУ МИЭТ PhD student
Александра Цитрина ИБО РАН Кандидат биологических наук
Коваленко Петр ИТ
Бунакаля Дмитрий Андреевич СПбГУ Специалист
Aviad Albert IƒL-Phonetik, University of Cologne PhD student
Васильев Александр Алексеевич РТУ МИРЭА, Институт Кибернетики Студент
Hilla Dayan Amsterdam University College Dr.
Alex Teemann Freelancer
Itay Snir Tel Aviv University
Шебалкова Юлия Владимировна СПбГУ студент специалитета
Бойцова Любовь СПбГАСУ, ФИЭиГХ
Кузнецов Павел НПО "энергомаш" академика Глушко В. П
Уппит Олег Викторович
Анастасия Гуковская РГГУ Доцент, к.э.н
Карасев Егор Михайлович НИЯУ "МИФИ"; Компания ITFB Solutions Бакалавр
Молчанова Марина БФ "Подари жизнь" кандидат химических наук, бывший н.с. МГУ
Ошукова Мария Михайловна
Александр Березкин
Liubov Spiridonova
Ксения Владимировна Харуллина Магистр
Миллер Константин МФТИ -
Лебедева Ирина
Александр Ларионов
Дарья Ивановна МГУ факультет клинической психологии
Galina Ananina Center of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering at the University of Campinas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Researcher
Колодкина Дарья Emlid/Университет ИТМО (Систем управления и робототехники) Разработчик встроенного ПО
Фёдорова Евгения Игоревна СПбГУ, Матмех Студентка
Юлия Попова РГГУ
Яна Скиба
Кудрявцева Марина Сергеевна Благотворительный фонд Родительский мост
Пашинин Александр
Гурьев Роман Григорьевич ИБМТ БГУ, ф-т логистики бакалавр
Valeriia Dranovskaya Freelance Art critic
Вечерко Эдуард Мигранович СПбГУ факультет Политологии
Варвара Горностаева Издательство Corpus Главный редактор
Анна Панкратенко - -
Светлана Юрьевна Миронова Х
Shakhar Rahav University of Haifa Senior Lecturer
Ivan Gradjansky
Arnaud Paran Masters Degree
Ansar Azhdarov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology BSc Student
Надежда Николаевна Логинова Врач
Alaa ben nasr Bachelor degree in physics
Соколов Алексей Александрович СПБГТИ(ТУ) Студент
Danyal Kamal New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Undergraduate Student
Альберт Круглов
Кожевников Евгений Юрьевич РУТ МИИТ Студент
Arseny Vladimirov Skoltech MSc
Алексеева Евгения Глебовна iT Qa engineer
Марина Крячко Звукорежиссура
Ирина Кузьмина
Феднёва Милена
Милана Миталева
Naor Ben-Yehoyada
Никита Павловской НИУ ВШЭ Аспирант
Wenzhen Zhu Amazon Web Services Data Scientist
Taylor Berrang
Paula B Krieg
Shannon Synan
Krishna Prasad Senior engineer
Christopher D Driscoll
Ruslan Fadeev
Elina Savchenko Java developer
Lon Berk
Mark Kenyon
Dovydas Joksas University College London PhD student
Ахмедов Николай МГУ, факультет политологии Студент магистратуры
Artem Chernikov
Aayush Verma
Найшуль Анна Данииловна МГАВМиБ им. К. И. Скрябина, Факультет ветеринарной медицины Специалист
Елена Голяковская Центр Насилию.нет
Christian Lecaros
Davide Del Vecchio
Андрей Бабушкин АО Интел Инженер по тестированию
Peter Stannack M.SC
TARANINA Mila Andreevna Student
Florentina Musat
Janusz Jabłonowski
Samuele Grosso
Jingyi Wang
Margarita Bruck Ripoll
Camilo Soto
Yogesh Kumar Sharma
Ugur Eren Canakci
Elaine R Kappel
Eneida ripoll Stroher
Leila Ripoll
Víctor Felipe Ordóñez Arano
Mathijs Van Reusel
Brady Pelkey
Taha Moulehiauwy
Alisa Blinova
Brendan Shuttleworth University of Waterloo Undergraduate
Phil Banks
Крикунов Алексей Владимирович ООО "Нордиджи" Ст. Инженер
Kenly Morrison
Julio Jimenez
Mikhail Arkadev PhD
Даниил Антоненко Институт теоретической физики им. Л. Д. Ландау Кандидат физико-математических наук
Konstantin Antipin Moscow State University Researcher
Aman Adukoorie UW - Madison Recent Graduate
Teresa Hummler
Carmen Hermle Global Sales and Partner Manager
Maria Rosa
Анна Куркова МГУ почвоведение
Annette Hermle Managing Assistent
Wendy A Dorman University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Natural Resources
Dan Stahlke PhD
Guillaume Idelon Université Grenoble Alpes University Teacher
Gerarda Khan Amsterdam Medical Centre, pathology Phd student medicine
Jerome Condere
Jens Petersen
Anthony Lee Kimball
Martin Spreng
Helmut Nienaber
Kai Gebhardt
Christian Meesters University of Mainz Senior Researcher
Harald Mauz
Jan Wender
Amit Joshi Harvard University PhD
Samuel Hanafi Hochschule Aalen Student
Александр Кравченко KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dept of Chemistry PhD, postdoctoral researcher
Anton Wu Columbia University Student (BA, mathematics)
Jerome Schielke
Alex Yun
Fred Walser
Georgios Karagiannis Rudjer Boskovic Institute PhD student
adeline tréché ufr maths
Cornelius Nawrath
Katya Tatarinova PhD physics
Présumey Vincent
Gisèle Bienne écrivaine
Иван Евгеньевич Суворов АО "РИР"
Victoria Tsai Stanford University Student (Computer Science, Math)
HELMUT Hohenegger
Denis Chalon None N/A
Catherine ADRIEN-CAMUS national education, France teacher of History-Geography
Corina Lacramioara Chiriac
Alexander Mangiafico
cathy doreille France
Rivier Denis
Европейцев Евгений Андреевич ФТИ им. Иоффе
SION ASSIDON Association Marocaine des Droits Humains Master in Mathematics
Ванин Александр Сергеевич ООО Селдон Новости Руководитель группы техногических исследований
Bernadette Besnainou France
Гарманов Данил Александрович - -
Cosme Hervé
Lacroix Gérard Citoyen (informé)
Frederic Metin university of Burgundy
monturet sylvain National Education, France teacher of Philosophy
Paley Jean François
Marie-Dominique Gaillot
ashish patel B.Tech
Елизавета Язневич БФ "Нужна помощь", отдел исследований
Игорь Блинов ННГУ им. Н.И. Лобачевского ПМиИ Стремлюсь стать учёным в области Биофизики
Giovanna Zunica PhD
Balasundaram Mohan Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Research Scholar
Ekaterina Yashina MSU Student
Maria Naumova Master of cultural studies
Сосунова Мария
Linda Riewe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley Librarian / BA math/computer sci, MLIS
Adam Zaidan Florida Atlantic University BS student
Fatiha Boukhelifa
Alexey Koshevoy ENS Paris student
Dina Shchekina Saint Petersburg State University Ph.D. student
Sergei Pirogov Stockholm University, MBW PhD student
Ivan Joumard
Tom Nandhra
Maria Filosa Sapienza università di Roma Student
Giulia Patrizi Sapienza - University of Rome Modern Languages and Literatures
Lorenzo Scala
Benedetta Spigola University of Roma Tre PhD student
Vaishnavi Josyula Student
Katya Bonetti
Declan Roberts
Cedrick Argueta Princeton University PhD Student
Gonçalo Braga Universidade do Algarve, FCT Student
Michael Rizzo Independent Researcher
Connor Lane
Jorge Guzman Physics
Antonella Sabetta
Valentina Vinciotti
Rita Luzi Università degli studi di Torino - International Science Master student
Elizaveta Noskova Lomonosov Moscow State University Student
Viktor Zykov МИСиС, автоматизация технологических процессов и производств
Valdo Joao University of Pisa Former Student
Iwona Dobler Takeda Pharmaceuticals PhD
Индейкин Фёдор Андреевич КГМУ
Мария Россомахина СПбНИУИТМО программист 1 категории
Akhmedova Karina FREEDOM
Григорий Франгуриди University of Southern California
Peter Margetin retired
Потапенко Елена Юрьевна МГУ, факультет биоинженерии и биоинформатики
Gleb Bokhonov
Vladimir Kuleshov Energetics
Шуляев Станислав Антонович ТПУ, ИШЭ
Елена Щербакова пенсионер
Mikhail Alekseev Political Science Master
Ольга Шаляпина МАОУ Школа Эврика-развитие, Томск, учитель Нет
Зинин Никита Викторович не работаю
Даниил Кричевский МГТУ им. Баумана Студент магистратуры
Дмитриева Марина Петровна
Инна Беспалова Дикрет
sergei motsnyi юрист
Качнов Федор Михайлович ГСГУ, ФИЯ студент
Olga Kapralova St. Petersburg
Еловой Виталий Эдуардович
Керимханова Лейла
Анатолий Синицын К.т.н.
Зайцева Елена
Сергей Вельянов ИП Вельянов С.А.
Воронова Варвара Олеговна
Ольга Тымински
Битти Мария Александровна - Кмн
Максим Максютов Книту КХТИ факультет химии полимеров
Анна Вебер LMU München
Мальцева Марина Анатольевна Юрист
Екатерина Сергеевна Змеевп ГММ Б.Ш.Окуджавы
Чумаченко Александр Владимирович ИП Чумаченко Александр Владимирович
Варсеник Хачатрян РАУ физфак
Романько Инна
Волкова Ольга -
Оксана Климова
Дмитрий Шевелёв Intrasoft International
Остапова Ксения Сергеевна Фриланс копирайтер
Рудак Александра Владимировна Открытие
Ольга Клапушевская Предприниматель
Большаков Вадим Андреевич ВИ МВД РФ
Людмила Фирсова пенсионерка
Рудая Наталия Алексеевна Иаэт со ран Снс кбн
Мустафина Наталья Юрьевна Врач
Наталия Юрьевна Будная ЛГУ , Географический
Снурников Николай Semrush Тех поддержка
Лилия Хажиева Дизайнер
Петрунина Любовь Пенсионер Квнд.филос.наук
Александр Владимирович Дубынин Открытая лаборатория природоохранной биологии
Холодова Наталия
Нейман Наталья
Сергей Потапов
Алёна Олеговна Якименко Издательство Corpus кандидат наук
Никич Анна
Елена Юрьевна Корсакова Мэрия города Джексонвилля
Анна Климова University of Helsinki PhD student
Бадретдинов Марат Институт "ТатНИПИнефть", ПАО "Татнефть" Инженер
Вера Цетлина NewYork Presbyterian hospital Врач
Любовь Гоголева
Евгений михайлович Мищенко
Katja Merakerli
Овсянников Илья Арнольдович ИП графический дизайнер, физик
Zinaida Syrochkina УИТО им Чаклина
Тимеев Артем Геннадьевич частный предприниматель
Александр Сергеевич Кочетков Московская ЛГБТ группа Стимул
Елена Викторовна Широкова
Elena stetsenko
Dmitry Litvinov
Дудинова Людмила Пенсионер. Окончила МЭИ
Никита Самусевич
Анна Щеглова
Алина Темирова
Виктор Владимирович Приходько ФГБОУ ВО УлГУ к.ф.-м.н.
Ekaterina Lisitsyna
Лапочкина Наталья
Баленко Павел Сергеевич
Олег Чижанов
Даниил Александрович Закурнаев ФАКТ МФТИ студент
Линур Наильевич Айзадуллин Безработный Социал-демократ
Елена Ширшова Юридическое общество
Michiel Van hunskerken KU Leuven Student
vadim sementsov МГУ мехмат, кафедра англ. языка
Елена Кулыгина
Нигина Тагаева
Маргарита Рейдик Коммерческое предприятие
Абай Заганов Бакалавр
Ольга Добролюб
Багрецова Анна Адвокат
Irina Smolenkova University of Westminster PhD
Анна Воейкова
Якубов Эмиль Ваисович НЦВ Миль и Камов инженер
Белавский Никита Вадимович
Вера Рябицкая Самозанятая
Анастасия Ковальчук МГУ имени Ломоносова
Булдыгин Сергей Владимирович
Яковлев Олег Яковлевич МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, ФКИ Магистрант
Алина Ро
Абдуллина Айсылу Минсагитовна Самозанятая/КГАСУ, Архитектурное проектирование Магистр архитектуры
Volkhovsky Igor Viktorovich architecture
Анна Кукушкина ГБОУ СОШ № 175 Калининского района Санкт-Петербурга
Олеся Ивочкина
Цыганова Юлия маратовна Пенсионерка.
Щербинина Ирина Леонидовна Пенсионерка
Никитин Виктор КБМК Студент
Андрей Владимирович гузеев
Евгений Казачков Индивидуальный предприниматель
Светлана Бравина Бакалавр
Ходова Алена Альфиковна ЮОГУ им. А. А. Тибилов, факультет журналистики
Юлия Николаевна
Дубинкин Арсений Александрович
Ольга Ерилова ООО Прогресстех
Антон Михалевский Большой театр России
Vasile Stavila Microsoft
Опришко Евгения Олеговна
Лилия Медведева
Arghya Mandal Pursuing MS in LIS
Ава Баилова Пенсионе р
Ludmila Zapsa
Анна Сергеевна Широкова МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова аспирантура МГУ.
Анастасия олейнова Нотариус
Андрей Алексеевич Плохов Henley Business School Master of business administration
Елена Блажко
Калинин Константин Ип
Лия Смирнова ООО ЭнерТест
Оксана Андросова
Надежда Карнюшина МГМСУ Врач
Ирина Арутюнова-Кирш Школа
Grigore Voicu Временно без работы Инженер
Ершова Светлана Юрьевна
Голубкова Юлия Экономический
Евгений Туров МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана, факультет фундаментальных наук
Ксения Несм University of Oslo
Наталия Глинская
Даниил Тюлькин СПбГАСУ
Alena Lahtina Рекламное агентство Аргус
Азат Амирханов Ктн
Коморникова Мария Алексеевна
Alina Fofanova Факультет иностранных языков, университет Бергамо
Антон Вершовский ФТИ им. А.Ф. Иоффе в.н.с., д.ф.-м.н.
Александра Гороховская Центр искусства воспитания, Санкт-Петербург
Кащенко Роман КТН по специальности 05.18.04
Редькина Лариса Коммерческое предприятие
Элла Александровна Белякова художник-мозаичист
Айдар Хайсярович Мустафин ФГАО ВО РНИМУ имени Н,И. пирогова кандидат медицинских наук, доцент
Алексей Савельев
Наталья Ивлиева ИВНД и НФ РАН к.б.н.
Антон Юрьевич Карабашев
Бочаров Иван Александрович МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова
Светлана Андрэевна Мечникова ФГАОУ ВО Первый МГМУ им. И.М. Сеченова, кафедра биологии и общей генетики кандидат биологических наук
Ирина Ордина
Александр Кудрявицкий Психолог
Людмила Серых ЦСДБ к.п.н.
Улькер Ахмедова Баку.Азербайджан Врач
Герасименко ксения владимировна Нет
Андрей Калих журналист
Гаймалов Руслан Мансурович
Асель Подольская
Баталина Алина пенсионер
Тамара Галанина
Дмитрий Живописцев
Elena Vorobyeva Koç University, department of Archaeology and History of Art MA student
Дмитрий Владимирович Гаврилов г.Рязань
Ерофеев Александр Анатольевич Freelance
Бродская Лариса Георгиевна СПБГУПТД (КТМУ) Студент
Иван Бельков
Татьяна Ганина Пенсионерка
Vaibhav Konnur Cs engineer
Кирилл Маковский системный интегратор магистр
Алексей Щеголев
Nishant Pathak
Александр Гладков безработный / связь на ЖДТ магистр
Королева Екатерина Владимировна
Alexander Stolyarov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biotechnology
Крамаренко Екатерина Андреевна
Elena Leonard LITASCO
Максим Леонидович Федотов работаю в Институте лингвистических исследований РАН и в НИУ ВШЭ СПб в департаменте филологии, окончил филфак СПбГУ м.н.с. / ст.преп.
Александр Подобряев ВШЭ доцент
Nathanael Tepakbong ISAE-Supaéro MSc. Student
Кувырдина Екатерина Вячеславовна пенсионер
Воротникова Эдуардовна Анна
Светлана Савченко
Варвара Фаэр Театр.doc Режиссер
Анна Вельская Самозанятая
Konstantin Alperovich
Сергей Николаевич Седов Институт Геологии, Национальный Автономный Университет Мексики ( UNAM) Ведущий исследователь, кандидат биологических наук
Мамиева Севиндж Алим Институт Географии НАН Азербайджана Кандидат географических наук
Milana Trepetova
Stas Nikitin
Феликс Эдуардович Лазаренко ООО "Здоровье" врач , к.м.н.
Gautham R
Alla Markova Brooklyn Public Library
Горин Александр Александрович McMakler, Berlin, Germany Senior Software Engineer
Соколов Антон Павлович ИП Соколов
Evgeny Osin HSE PhD in psychology
Артём Наильевич Гарифуллин ООО «УК «Полюс»
Manasi Gupta Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore Student; B. Tech ECE
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
Konstantin Kazarian Rentschler Biopharma Senior Director, PhD
Роман Морозов
Чехова Карина Руслановна Школа Педагог
Natalja Vilimson Fashion indecor
Алоиз Кац Работаю Специалист
Скороварова Анна Васильевна
Антон Титенок ИП
Дмитрий Гуляев безработный
Юлиан Селицкий Ростовский колледж искусств
Татьяна ануфрива
Каша Юлия Олеговна
Анна Балашова Москва, IT компания
Бессонов Владимир Дмитриевич ИФМ УрО РАН PhD
Мадина Царенко ХМАО
Троицкая Татьяна Георгиевна
Алексей Лузин Алеф-банк
Юлия Владимировна Кузнецова
Волынец Галина Сергеевна
Мадина Угурчиева Броьница
Валерия Копычева
Galina Anchik Домохозяйка
Вета Хетагуровп пенсионерка
Sohini Dutta Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Student
Докумов Заур Магаметович Кубанский государственный медицинский университет
мария якунькова ПНИПУ Высшее строительное образование
Елизавета Рогожина МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана
Дмитрий Николаевич Быков "Бюро ДИА" архитектор
Павел Владимирович Дубинкин
Татьяна Сулина
Федина Анна ЗАО КондеНаст
Evgeny Zatonskiy Plekhanov Russian university of economics Bachelor
Мария П
Марина Цветаева
Владимир Долин ВИС
Marina Tonkopeeva University of Wolverhampton
LUDMILA RAEVA -------------- --------------------------
Ирина Коренькова
Наталья Кашкарова Сахалин
Лаштабега Елена
Корнакова Вера Константиновна Бакалавр архитектуры
Roman Arsienko Chemrar кандидат биологических наук
Сабиров Радик Анасович Работаю, ИП
Аргутина Юлия Александровна Юрисконсульт
Татьяна Агаркова Предприниматель
Anastasia Gubenko Klinikum Westfalen
Зелицкая Нвгения Домохозяйка
Любовь Шендерова учитель математики
Шишкова Евгения Станиславовна политическая философия студентка
Хикматуллина Диляра Хамисовна
Елена Самсонова Союзмультфильм
Leila Almazova University of Michigan visiting scholar
Некрасова Елена Вадимовна ИП
татьяна лазарькова пенсионерка
Иван Липатов НИУ МИЭТ аспирант
Зоткина Евгения Пенсионер Кандидат психологических наук
Михаил Расторгуев Линде Инжиниринг рус Главный специалист строительного отдела
Гайсина Ирина Алексеевна Депутат муниципального совета МО МО Владимирский округ г. Санкт-Петербург Магистр, психология
Varvara Arzt University of Vienna
Andreas Arzt
Ирина Курдина пенсионерка
Анастасия Степанова
Клепацкая Мария Геннадьевна
Аглямов Азат Махмудович ТНГ
Александр КАГМС, Экономический факультет магистрант
Алексей Больница Врач
Булгаков Сергей Владимирович ТОГБПОУ "Тамбовский областной медицинский колледж" Студент
Я Домохозяйка
Владислав Сергеевич Пантелеев Саратовская государственная юридическая академия, институт юстиции
Anwar Gilmutdini MII
Тусупова Асем Адвокат
Римма Байгазова
Anna Per 1234567
Тамара пеганова
Ермакова Юлия
Дарья Петрова Высшая школа экономики, факультет физики
Bula Sahbe
Устинова Евгения Алексеевна
Нерд Наталья РГГУ
Вячеслав Богомолов
Кальченко Елена викторовна Ип
Мария Александровна Дмитриева СПбГУ, психолог, преподаватель психологии Специалист
Лев Сергеевич Дверник МГУ, физический факультет
Скрипкина Евгения Юрьевна
Ахсанова Роза Мавлютовна Пенсионер
Смирнова Валерия Александровна СпбГУ
Петр Кучин
Александр Родионов
Дмитрий Анатольевич Цидилин ИП
Ольга Маслова
Кесарева Анна
Анастасия Гурьянова Сеченовский университет, Лечебное дело
Andreas Mischutin HTW Berlin Бакалавр
Ольга Кузьмина Институт теоретической и экспериментальной физики
Швечикова Анастасия николаевна Самозанятая Фрилансер
Наталья Ухова
Глеб Березнев МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова, физический факультет Студент
Диана ГКБ им. С.С. Юдина, ЖК 13 Врач
Алина Зарубина Гейдельбергский университет имени Рупрехта и Карла, факультеты германистики и славистики Бакалавр
Павел Скрыльников ТАСС
Алесандр Кузиков ППИ, электротехнический
Петухова Надежда Евгеньевна СПбГУ (1999-2006)
Ликуева Екатерина Валерьевна
Татарченко Лев Владимировтс НИУ Высшая школа экономики Кандидат технических наук
Жуков Владимир Туймурзович МБОУ "Нырьинская средняя школа им. М.П. Прокопьева"
Мария Мордух
Курбанов Жахонгир Равшанович Ташкентский университет информационных технологий
Петрова Екатерина Андреевна архитектор
Любовь Кербель
Рунаф БашГУ Кандидат наук
Никита Веселов
Дёмкина Светлана Дмитриевна ООО "Висмут" Директор
Рустам ЧФСК
Маношкин Алексей Валерьевич
Мирзоян Артур
Павел Этажи
Елена Сахарова
Загоруйко Анна
Оксана Самозанятая
Кузнецова Екатерина Павловна
Евгения Росина Безработная
Мария Бухарева издательство "Мартин" дизайнер-верстальщик
Борис Зелексон Пенсионер
Редкова Дамира Маратовна - -
Дарья Лиллесон Музей истории ГУЛАГа
Орхан Гасанлы Врач
Ганшин Александр Викторович Институт украинской археографии и источниковедения им. М. С. Грушевского Аспирант
Иван Рыгаев Институт проблем передачи информации научный сотрудник
Михаил Владиславович Ширинкин
Покопенко Наталья Медсестра
Деев Максим
Хайдар Зарипов Не работаю
Кунафеев Ринат БашГУ; МИИГаИК
Rohan Gopakumar IIT Madras Graduate student
Navaneeth M S IIT Madras Masters student
Dave Mathew
Агата Чачко
ramiro rivera UBA
Naveen Kurien Daniel
Anandu N S
Elizabeth Mathew
Ирина Семёнова Частный бизнес
Резепин Александр Владимирович Южно-Уральский государственный университет, Высшая школа экономики и управления Кандидат экономических наук
Дарья Стояновская
Устюжанин Юрий
Nikolay Polyanskiy
Хакимова Наталья Ивановна Строительство
Груздев Станислав Константинович РУДН, Медицинский институт Выпускник ВУЗа
Асаинов Дарий Тлеулесович КФУ, ИФМиБ
Nikolay Zolotarev Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Postdoc/кбн
Иван Котомин ИМЧ РАН инженер, мнс
Alexandra Zakieva Heidelberg University, Faculty of Biosciences PhD Candidate
Ермаков Илья Сергеевич Инженер-разработчик
Анастасия Студия Concepto
Юлия Костенко МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова магистрант
Delia Cocera Università di Bologna CEL lengua española
Agustín Nicolás Garrone FAMAF - UNC Student of Mathematics
Александра Солодилова Кубгму
Ринат Каримов ПАО,, Транснефть,,
Петелин Андрей BlockProof Tech developer
Алексей А. Старобинский Институт теоретической физики им. Л.Д. Ландау РАН академик РАН, главный научный сотрудник
Орищена Анна
Денис Афанасьев БиПрофи кандидат экономических наук
Рюдиссер Рива На пенсии Магистр философии
Gulzalina Zehhtunova Пенсионер
Марина Черемных Фриланс Нет
Эдуард Айткулов Московский театр
Лилия Шайхиева S. R. L. “Casa tatara”
Евгений Кузнецов ФИАН, главный научный сотрудник, академик РАН
Алексей Иванов СОШ № 25 Учитель
nicola giacobbe EE
Emet Zwelling Hirsch Student
Martin Iliev Sofia University Student
Нәркәс Харрасова Музыкальный факультет
Dmitrii Akshintsev MIPT BSc.
Valeriya Karavaeva University of Vienna Master's student
Татьяна пенсионерка
Laura manning
Aryna Dzmitryieva EUSP Researcher
Filip Musil
Mariia Koskina Binghamton University Graduate student; teaching assistant
Husna Farooqui University of Calgary MA Student
Jean Jans
Maryvonne Catusse
Zdeněk Soukal
Сама Набиева Эльшан кызы
Jaana maakannas
Ralitza Vasileva
Jean Gabriel WEBER
Philippe Delfosse
Reed Oei
Antonio Todorov Programmer
Nancy Condee University of Pittsburgh Professor, Slavic and Media Studies
Adéla Richterová
Daniel García Mercado
Бисер Божидаров Димов
Vaclav Dedic Inst. of Physics, Charles University, Prague PhD
Joëlle Stolz Journaliste
Jean Paul MAÏS France
Camille VELLEINE France
Vadim Malis University of California San Diego Postdoc
Sarp Eren Hangisi
Щербина Михаил Сергеевич РГУ нефти и газа им. Губкина, выпускник инженер
Мария Чербунина МГУ им. Ломоносова, геологический факультет м.н.с
Михаил Шаповалов
Rifnur Latipov Hempel A/S Senior Scientist
Шпак Маргарита Игоревна ПМГМУ им Сеченова, педиатрия
James R Russell Emeritus Professor, Harvard University BA Columbia (summa), BLitt Oxon., PhD SOAS (London)
Yulia Fidman NRS "Kourchatov Institute", Moscow researcher
Вульф Слободкин
Серафима Переяславец СПБГУ
Нургалиева Эгделия ФПМИ МФТИ Магистр
Александр Кувшинов
Marina Feygelman
Tanja Sliskovic
Johanna lam UCL Engineering sciences
Roman Leibov The University of Tartu Associate professor
Ahmed Yekta Ökten Middle East Technical University Dept. of Math. Research Assistant
Zdenek Sawa Technical University of Ostrava Associate professor
Artemij Keidan Sapienza University of Rome, Italy Associate Professor
Evgeni Levin
Claudia Angela Ciancaglini Sapienza University, Rome, Italy Professor
Anna Abalkina LMU research fellow
Mingxuan Zhu Tsinghua University student
Jean-Pierre Pasquiou
Игорь Фрилансер
Anastasia Moscow State University student
Nadezhda Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia Graduate student
Alesya Clariant Manager
Anastasia Kutafin Moscow State Law University
Petrov Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, St. Petersburg State University Graduate student
Valeria St. Petersburg State University student
Polina Samara State Medical University
Osman Northern Caucasian Academy of Humanities and Technology Graduate student
Sergey freelancer
Valeria Nya
Aleksandra Sechenov University, Dentistry Institute
Andrey freelance
Darya HSE University, Business Informatics B. Sc.
Alesya Moscow State University, law school
Ekaterina self-employed
Marina MSU
Marina MSU
Viktoria B. Sc.
Cissy University Amsterdam
Kirill Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Ural Federal University
Sonia 3rd year
Sonia 3rd year student of bachelor
David Master student
Nikhil Bsc. Industrial Engg
Tatyana middle school Teacher
Antonina Volgograd State Technical University B. Sc.
Chris University of Michigan
Andrey MSU, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Student
Andrew UCLA Graduate Student
Natalia Mathematics and CS
Vladislav North Caucasus Federal University, Journalism
Anurag Student
Alexander Department of Physics
Lakshya Engineer
Natalia Moscow State University Specialist
Leyla Moscow
Elizaveta Mpi
Сергей СПбГУ студент
Андрей Стройка
Алина психологический факультет мпгу магистр
Егор Школа 47
Михаил философский факультет МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова аспирант
Пётр Средняя школа №45
Даниил ПГНИУ экономический факультет студент
Кирилл Театр
Ольга МГУ им Ломоносова факультет почвоведения
Павел Самлзанятый Магистр
Ансар Яндекс.Лицей школьник
Olga Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, faculty of mechanics and mathematics Bachelor
Алексей СПбГУ
Михаил Монтажник
Павел МАИ, 8 факультет
Андрей Севастопольский Государственный Университет
Богдан Студент
Эльвира Школа
Михаил МФТИ ФРТК Студент
Григорий СПБГУ
Денис Врач
timi phd
Анастасия Ранхигс Бакалавр
Маргарита художник
Кристина Бухгалтер Бакалавр
Лилия Кладбище
Jonathan Student
leidwanger Université de Paris MCF
Nicolas 75
Борис УрФУ Бакалавр
Офелия МОУ сош 21 г.Саратов
Виталий Яндекс программист
Анастасия Москва
wergoniy Земля квшу
Marina Педагог на пенсии
Дмитрий студент ССУЗа по направлению Прикладная информатика(по отраслям)
Анна ООО Маршрут
Ольга Росимущество
Илья ИП графический дизайнер, физик
Лююдмила пенсионер
vikk1969 разнорабочий
Екатерина Воронежский гос. университет, математический факультет
Вадим ООО крымспецпроект
Ildar Doctor Non
Maldenova School
Елена Некоммерческая организация Нет
Полина Томск. ТГУ. ИИК
Pavel Председатель ТСН
Владимир Пенсионер
Наталия пенсионер
Lenaz-k@rambler.ru Сотрудник Нет
Раиса пенсионер
Рамиль Безработный
Олег Гимназия
Елена ИНГКА Россия
Маргаритп Школа " Итало Калвино" Учитель
Ольга Пенсионерка
Виолетта Мгу Нет
Hemant Master of Science
Марина ... ...
Юля Ранхигс, эмит Студент
Антон МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана, факультет радиоэлектроники и лазерной техники Студент
Оксана МГУ PHD
Дмитрий Не работаю
Иван ИСИ
Ирина кфмн
Ксения Университет имени академика с.п. Королева (факультет филологии и журналистики ₽
Иван Фрилансер. Писатель, поэт, сценарист
Венера Магазин
Светлана Колледж Кандидат наук
Lara pensione nou
Татьяна Пенсионер Освободить Азаза из под стражи
Вагиф Предприниматель ктн
Анастасия МГК Чайковского, фортепианный факультет
Алексей Безработный
Торш Ogu
Наталия Частная школа
Евгений Глобал фанкшнл дринкс Бренд менеджер
Елена Неважно Неважно
Анара Адвокат
Асхат Копицентр
Антон Государственный университет управления Студент
Lia student
Марьям Бухгалтер
Екатерина Не работаю
Samaja Integrated MA (English)
Айнур кфу
Андрей Режиссёр
Мария УдГу психология и социальная педагогика
Киям Кредо Магистр права и экономики
Anton University of Waterloo Lecturer, Ph.D.
Russel KATK
Александр пенсионер